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December 2nd 2007
Published: December 2nd 2007
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To everyone who thought traveling was all positive and exciting:

The day before I wrote this letter to mom I spent the entire day in bed with a, well lets just call it an unsettled stomach... savy?

Well, I went back to bed after talking to ya(we spend an entire hour on the phone) and had an alright time. I waited a good hour almost before taking the pill(anti-biotic) to make sure it would stay down... it did. I then slept with the light on all night as the dark was to lonely almost or something, i dont really know. (makes me smile thinking about it lol) I just really think that I need some rest and to slow down for a bit. I woke up feelin alright but I went out for a short walkabout and am already exhausted and feelin a little depressed again. I just feel so tired, not really hungry because i havent been eating for the last couple of days and nothing sounds or looks good so i also feel a little undernoorished and again dehydrated. All tell tale signs that I just need to stop and relax. But I cant yet. I will... but just not yet. One more week of this spell and i'll be done with it for a while. I may get the travel bug again in a while(like maybe after a month or something) but for now... believe me i've killed it. I did some counting. I left nepal on the evening on nov.14, it's dec. 2. Which means i've been on my own for a total of 16/17 nights or something like that. Where am I going with this?? Well, since leaving nepal i've only spent 10 of those nights not traveling. 3 of them I shared a room with 4israeli's on which the 5 of us shared two rock solid double beds, then in goa 3 more of those nights were spend on a roof top (so i had shitty sleeps in comparison to a room just because I wasnt really able to get comfertable). Then the rest have either been on overnight trains or buses and i'm wondering why i'm exhausted and not feelin so well. I generaly think of myself as a pretty hardy traveler... but f'it, i'm tired.
So I'm gonna go to sleep around 10tonight (if i stay u that late) hopefully get a good sleep after I go hang out with some new people I met today who are exceptionaly friendly and are exactly the kind of people i need to talk to write now.
But I feel bad and at a loss, but nothin I can do. I'm in hampi. Hampi is like write out of the flintstones, absolutely no joke about it. Someone said that to me and they were not joking. Rocks piled up on top of one another everywhere and temples strewn about everywhere. Seriously crazy. I'm just sad i'm not in the mind to really see it. Maybe if i'm sick of sri-lanka I will come back here instead of stayin on the island.. who knows.
i'll email ya again in chennai believe me because i'll have a whole day to kill so i'll be on the internet for sure because even the lonely planet makes chennai sound boring.
love ya lots


3rd December 2007

I'm still not really sure who you are, or why I keep getting Facebook updates about your travel blog, but I decided to read this one. I've been on the road by myself for four months, but only about two weeks in Morocco. I just sent an email to mom that is pretty much a carbon copy of what you said above, titled "some insights into life in africa". Pretty funny, as I'm told Morocco can be similar to India. Crazy stomach bugs and dark lonely nights on foreign continents can bring on homesickness quite quickly :) Keep on rockin'

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