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February 5th 2012
Published: February 5th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hey everyone,

I was offered a teaching job today after a days work here in Kathmandu preschool.

The principal organised a meeting with me to discuss me opening my own school here in Nepal with my Nepalese friend Bandy. I like the sound of coming over here anually to train the teachers. I said I would think about it!

I had an interesting adventure on the public bus today. They pack you in the bus like sardines. The young boy thats working on the bus (or should I say mini van with no signage) shouts out the window and bangs on the side of the van, opening and closing the van side door every 30secs. You don"t pay straight away. They only want your money when you are near your stop. Loud music playing (hip hop today) and everyone is sitting calmly in their 1 inch space that has been allocated for them by the young boy.

I"m feeling more confident walking around the streets now that I have been here for 9 days.

Any way I have to go and organise my treking permit now from somewhere in Thamel... When you ask people questions they are so vague.

So the adventure continues...

P.S. Di I ate Momos last night. Thanks for the suggestion.

Love to you all


7th February 2012

So lovely to be able to read about your adventures! Stay safe, thinking of you xx

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