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April 21st 2006
Published: April 21st 2006
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40 and sober??40 and sober??40 and sober??

Wrong side of the bar - wrong side of 39!!
Well Barry certainly enjoyed his party last night but is paying for it today. He woke up at 2pm, ate the bacon sandwiches I made for him and went straight back to bed. He said that he actually does feel 40 today but looking at him now lying in bed with bits of glitter and silly string stuck to his face and dribbling like mad I'd say 50 is nearer the mark......and I'm still only 35!!! (he he)

The party started off quite tame. The lads had decorated the bar with balloons and "Happy Birthday" banners and twirly crepe paper (yes....you still get that out in Goa). Next came the cards and presents, he got some really nice stuff. The lads (Shooters staff), Raj, Lucky and Ali gave him some Viagra, Stud, Lubricating jelly, acne cream and something called "Spanish Fly"............interesitng choice of gift, well they're all in their very early 20's so to them 40 years is soooo old and they probably think they’re doing him a favour spending their hard earned cash at the pharmacy. As well as the lovely staff gift they blasted him with silly string, canned snow and party poppers!!!

The party punch went
Snow in GoaSnow in GoaSnow in Goa

"stop it, you'll make my hair flop"
down a treat, everybody got slightly merry then Mark and Simon arrived and got Barry started off on the Vodka Redbull (in pints) and it all went steadily downhill from there.......not that Barry needs much encouragement to get things rolling down that hill!!!

By the time it got to 2.30am (way past our licensing hours), Barry thought it would be a good idea to get all of the remaining party people to lift him up in their arms while he posed for the camera (even me!!) ……don’t ask why, I think he thought that because he was drinking Redbull every one around him suddenly had lots of energy and vitality???? Needless to say he came crashing to the ground a few times and I’ll bet there are a few people with aching backs in Calangute today. After that things got steadily worse and when Big Steve got his spotty bum out we decided enough was enough. Barry and I took the lads off to Eden (Mark and Simons bar) for a few drinks then it was home to bed and he’s still there now……I must type louder to wake him up!!!

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The lads...and the old man!!The lads...and the old man!!
The lads...and the old man!!

Redbull gives everyone wings
40 & 35 respectively (he he he)!!40 & 35 respectively (he he he)!!
40 & 35 respectively (he he he)!!

Bev finally escapes from the kitchen
catch me if you cancatch me if you can
catch me if you can

Christine does her worst
Another victim of the "lift me syndrome"Another victim of the "lift me syndrome"
Another victim of the "lift me syndrome"

Caths firefighters training comes in handy!!!
Dancing - or falling??Dancing - or falling??
Dancing - or falling??

In my day boys, people knew how to boogie!!!

21st April 2006

Happy headache!
Hi Kids! Thats one headache that you dont mind having!!! All the best!
21st April 2006

40th Birthday
Can't think of a better way to celebrate your 40th birthday. Wish we had been there. Lots of love

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