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October 7th 2008
Published: October 7th 2008
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After a frantic two days in Mumbai, we have escaped to Goa and to the beach1 We have travelled north to Arambol which is about an hour away from central Goa. Arambol so far seems to have escaped the tourist trail and is a small resort full of ageing hippies and crustys (who are all lovely and friendly) . We have a room overlooking the beach which is clean and spacious and more importantly only coast us one pound eighty a night each. The only downside is the mosquito activity and the ratty looking squirrel thing that lives in the roof and rains down shit all over our room. Since leaving mumbai the price of everything has gone down and i am comfortably managing on my budget of a tenner a day. Goa is beautiful and i am properly starting teh feel like i am on holiday, even more so after a night drinking cocktails on the beach for eighty pence each. I planned on detoxing and doing loads of yoga but so far i have only managed to get drunk and be hungover but am sure that will change over the next few days 😊 When we arrived we spent an evening watching the unset, eating and drinking and ended up get twatted. I managed to rein it in a little and went to bed whilst i could still walk, Catherine went a bit mental and burst into our room in the small hours shouting about going skinny dipping with a crystal seller called Lucky at the beach, destroying everything in her path before passing out bearhugging me (i assume she thought i was her boyfriend). Yesterday we were both hungover but at least i wasnt confronted by aforementioned Lucky, all the locals at teh bar we were drinking in laughing at her behaviour an a big bar bill that she had run up. Its quite nice not being the person who makes tit of themselves for a change! Anyway, a day in the sun took away all traces of hangover and in typical fashion i have burnt myself to a crisp so have to stay out of the sun. Am going to enjoy myself swimming and watching the hordes of cows marauding up and down teh beach. This is the life........
We have one more night here then off to Baga which i think may be a bit more of a package holiday hellhole but we are meeting Rob, the ambulance man we met on the plane as his mates are opening up a bar there next week so could get very messy.
If not we may check out a yoga retreat which is close for a week of fitness. A sort of detox for the retox!
Anyway, sun is shining, people are friendly and more importantly beer is about a pound for a giant bottle so im off for a lunchtime beer....

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20th October 2008

Lovely sunset pics
Thosae are some lovely pictures you have of the sun setting in Goa. Goa is indeed the place to unwind. Have a happy holiday Get going Goa!

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