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November 4th 2005
Published: November 5th 2005
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Goa is very much different from north India, not only by its appearance but also by its people.
It is a very small state, tropical, coconuts, banana trees, etc. Is seems to be quite reach as well, probably due to many tourists. The Indians people there are used to see women with short clothes so no problem to wear like this. The Indian ocean is quite filthy, much more then our Mediterranean sea but I don't care and swim. It is also relatively clean, roads are quite good. Main transport method is motorcycles.
In my guest house I am probably the only one that does not smoke, not cigarettes, nor grass.
There is one group of Indians that are realy mastul. They smoke all day (grass), from dawn till sunset, hear trans music and move their heads according to the rythem. They almost don't talk but when they do, thay have 2 major topics: one is analyzing the music, second is the secrets behind the making of a good joint.
Next to my room there is another hallucinatory guy. He is German, long hair, one glass eye, tatoos all over his arms (and maybe more, I did not search in the rest of his body). He is stuck in his room all day (however, I did meet him one day when he burst out from his cave) smokes and listens to heavy metal music. At night, the drug dealers come to visit him, negotaining about the deal's details. As far as I have heard, it is a big business, I heard the words: "Euro" and "exchange rate" but I did not hear the sum. On wednesday I have visited Anjuna flea market which was quite nice.
I am currently in Anjuna, north Goa, tomorrow I'll head south, to Pallolem beach.

Bye, Sharon

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27th November 2006

still goa is full of theifs especialy the police

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