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Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach November 28th 2016

When I left India last year, after traveling through it for a month, I was sure I'd have to go back to this amazing country. Now, barely six months after I returned to Holland, it was time to pack my backpack again. With only 7kg of luggage, David drove me to the airport and after some food, a quick goodbye and a not so quick security check, it was time to board my first of three flights. 15 hours and a bunch of great meals (thank you Air India!) later I arrived at Goa International Airport. Here, I found a girl to share a cab with, as she was going to Anjuna as well. More than 20 hours after leaving my home in Holland, I arrived at the first home in India: Roadhouse hostel Anjuna. After ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach February 22nd 2016

With Dave's stomach finally being stable, we were able to make a break away from Palolem and head somewhere a bit more lively, Anjuna. Apparently the only way to travel around Goa, other than hired vehicles, is the local bus. We had to get four buses, Palolem to Margao (60rs), Margao to Panjim (50rs), Panjim to Mapusa (15rs), then Mapusa to Anjuna (15rs). I've been to Anjuna before on my previous trip and it's the place to be for a young person in Goa. It's one of the only places where music continues to play after the 10PM noise ban. There's a number of clubs down the beach front, Shiva Valley at the end of the beach (the most popular), and Nyex at the top of the beach. We arrived on the 8th, having planned to ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach September 1st 2015

Sat in a beachside bar, catching up with blogs, an overwhelming feeling of happiness built up in my stomach. I don’t ever want to go home we thought to ourselves. Why is it that the beach does something to us? You soon become relaxed and you just feel really good. In some ways it is almost therapeutic just being there. Well for us that is how we felt sitting on Anjuna beach in Goa. Looking out onto the amazing blue skies, the sun shining brightly although you dare not look at it as it you would momentarily lose your vision. Instead you smile at its beautiful reflection or stream of crystal light sparkling in the sea seemingly moving all the way towards you. We sat there simply watching the waves furiously crashing into each other, making ... read more
Anjuna beach in the late afternoon.
Surprised to see our first Church in India
Food glorious food

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach November 27th 2014

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but Happy Thanksgiving. This day also marks my 4th month on the road. This Thanksgiving what am I thankful for? First, I am thankful for my health. People take it for granted, but good health is invaluable. All the money in the world can't buy good health. It can help you afford the best in healthcare, medicines, and treatments, just not good health in and of itself. So health leads me to the second thing on my list... Second, being able to travel. I am thankful that I am able to travel the world, from the middle of the Amazon rainforest, to the Himalayan Mountains, to the most cosmopolitan of cities like Paris, Buenos Aries, New York, etc. I am thankful for the exposures to new cultures and experiences ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach November 9th 2014

Having just spent a week in Goa, I'm missing it already! Anjuna is pretty good, I can imagine how fucking class it would be in high season! Maybe next time! Basically it's a little town/village at the back of the beach, with hotels, bars and restaurants all around. All along the beach there's clubs, bars and the most expensive accommodation, a beach hut costing at least 2500rs a night! Fuck that! I end up walking back up the beach to the cheaper area just back from the beach, bump into a guy on the way back and end up in a room in the middle of a residential area, 5 minutes from the beach and 282rs a night. Spot on. Got offered a job one night when I was out, I was so tempted to stay ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach April 29th 2013

So, on Saturday night, after a delicious veggie biryani and raitha, eight of us set out for an evening at the night market, stopping off en route to buy some alcohol. Since security is tight, we had to finished the drinks before entering. I could easily have spent a fortune on Aladdin pants and accessories, but chose to spend wisely at the bar, instead. We spent a good few hours drinking, chatting and laughing (and checking the footie to see Liverpool spanking Newcastle!), then, in the early hours, Adolfo negotiated with a taxi driver to take eight of us back for 300 Rupees. The lads headed on to check out a bar named Curly's and us girls got out at the guest house. I pottered around in my room for a while, then decided to crash. ... read more
Anjuna Beach
The Evershine crew!

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach April 27th 2013

My last night in Kochi was spent having dinner with some of my room mates: Miriam from Canada, and Sophie and George from London. After wandering around dark streets looking (unsuccessfully) for a Lonely Planet recommended restaurant that Miriam wanted to try, we settled upon a small restaurant that I can't remember the name of. When we arrived, the electricity was down, but the woman serving us was so polite, friendly and welcoming that we were happy to wait. It was worth it. They were out of palak paneer, so I opted for an alternative. I can't remember the name of it, but it ended in 'paneer' and contained mushrooms. In any case, it was lovely, as was my company. We exchanged travel stories and the London girls made me glad that I decided not to ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach January 17th 2013

Hi All, As i am new to this site. i do not know the features. so if anybody can tell me the usage. cause i am here for exploring the world with different people. sharing thoughts, culture, natures etc.... so, do help me, comment soon fellas :) (Y)... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach August 31st 2012

Goa is the richest state in the mighty country of India. This tourist mecca attracts foreigners in their millions, who enjoy the relaxed living and beach life the West Indian state is famed for. The peak season is from November to January, where the party seriously rocks! After arriving in Goa it's hard to believe that one is still in India as the maddening crowds, filth and squalor that can be so overwhelming at times in North India are suddenly a thing of the past. The state was conquered and ruled by the Portugese for 450 years, and only annexed by India in 1961. As such there is a discernable European feel to visiting, and the Goans are hospitable hosts who ensure a visit is something to treasure. The promotional face of Goa tourism is a ... read more
Lodhi gardens, Delhi
Restaurant in Anjuna
Shops on Anjuna beach

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach February 25th 2012

Today has been pretty much the best day so far. Like, really amazing. But I think its been a while since I've updated on here, so I'll rewind a wee bit! We spent a week in Varkala. There's not an awful lot to do there, except everything which was needed right at that very moment. Sun, sea, facials, beer, cocktails, ace new friends, and a jolly good laugh. Picture this.... sun setting, feeling snoozy on the beach, some guy playing a wee wooden flute next to us... then a pack of dogs come over, and one pisses right next to us. Nice. The beaches are crazy. Dog and cows, and even goats walking about! After seven nights of lazing about, we packed up our belongings in the hut (the same hut which some cheeky little chancer ... read more

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