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January 19th 2008
Published: January 19th 2008
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Yesterday was market day in Mapusa. It is not a toursit market, more of a local thing. Which I like better. Lots of fabrics, clothes, and lots of fruits and veggies. Here is a typical day at the market:
-How much a kg of this?
-40 Rs. You want 2 kg?
-No, no, half a kilo is fine.
-Here, very fresh, very good, cheap cheap, 2 kg for 80 Rs.
-No, no, just half a kilo.
-Here is a kilo, 40 Rs.
-Ah, Ok then.

Next place, fabrics:
-I like this fabric. How much is it?
-70 Rs, you take 4 m?
-No, I just need 2.5 m. For a top.
-Take this color also. Very good. Light cotton. Where are you from?
-Cold in Canada?
-Yes, very cold.
-We have woolen fabric, very good for cold. Can I show you?
-Nice, but I don't really need it.
-You take 40 meters. People in England, they buy that. 5 meters for one jacket. You make 4 and sell to people. Very good quality.
-No, no, I don't have room for 20 meters of woolen fabric. (But I did buy more than what I needed).
-Also, this new color, just arrived yesterday. Can I show you?
(BY now, I am laughing so much I can hardly stand)
-Laughing good for health.
(Photo of the shop will be posted)

Finally, to find a shop:
-Can you tell me where this shop is?
-Go straight, then turn left, and ask someone.
-OK, thanks.
(5 minutes later, after following the instructions)
-Where can I find this shop?
-You go 3, then inside right and you ask someone.
-OK thanks.
(7 minutes later, after following the instructions)
-Any idea where this shop is?
-Second right, inside, then you will see.
(3 minutes later, after following the instructions)
-Here it is! Simple... But street names is not a bad concept... (Again, I am laughing to tears.)

So it is like that. Every day, having fun with discovering how things work here. Maybe I will get tired of it but for now, I love it. So funny, so nice, people are very friendly, and beautiful with their colorful clothes.

Unfortunately, I had to experience another aspect of traveling in India, I finally got a bit sick, but hopefully tomorrow I will be fine. I am still happy for now.


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