An Explorer trail to travel rugged

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May 12th 2017
Published: May 12th 2017
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An explorer trail to travel rugged

Do things remain at the place?

Do talks and conversations put on hold when you left the place?


I believe, when you travel, you elucidate by your own.

Some previous experiences stay back and some savories and quirks of the place you travelled pop up within you.

Today’s Youth, full of desires to travel. Just to motivate and be motivated, I want to reel off an episode of some memorable moments of my life in Rajgir City, Bihar. Within 33Km distance from Nalanda, a town named Rajgir, an ancient capital of Magadha Kings around 5th century B.C. Promptly, a tourist spot, I was not bewared about. As an Archaeologist, it was just a curiosity to walk within the past. I always prefer local travelling just to interact with locals, to know how they travel, how they talk. You can say to relate myself with culture of a city. So, I and my friend decided for a bus ride, brimmed with passengers all around. People were sweating and the smell eeeuuu….. Anyways, it was 6:30pm when the evening was falling across the trees, I put my first foot at the bus stop which was at the centre, and one way was leading towards mountains and other to the core of the glittering city which enfolded her charm in the shops, vendors of different food delicacies specially the Golgappas, aaahhaaa…. (Best one I ever had in my life) all around and the Tange walas, who were screaming loudly. We sat on Tanga, and then the scenario was like a ride towards mountains. A way beautified with the ruins of an ancient wall, the fortification wall of Rajgir in history gave the essence of a cheerful past. It created an awesome view, firstly a wall, then a line of shady trees and then we were on the tanga, it was sounding taktaktaktaktak…. and the drooping Sun. It was like; we were going to the ancient city, no cars, no bus, just a ride by a Tanga in the city. It seemed like after leaving the hotchpotch of city life, we were moving towards a calm area, the peaceful Shanti Stupa. I was mesmerized by incenses I exhaled, fragrances extracted from some spices and gums when burned. We were pleasurably exalting our spirits. It was just a step ahead out of the materialistic charm of Luxury in metropolitan cities.

It was a try to get over from an unspiritual pleasure of cosmopolitan city and just to enjoy the spiritual essence at a place which truly engages you within a calm aura. It made me realize sometimes spirituality at far-off lands gives you a new perception and a way of living a life.

Shanti Stupa, Rajgir, Bihar

...Dimpy Mukhija


14th May 2017

Nice attempt
Nice description. But as a tarveller I would love to know about the spot in detail. May b next tym. Keep writing All d best Dimpy

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