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Asia » India » Bihar » Rajgir May 12th 2017

An explorer trail to travel rugged Do things remain at the place? Do talks and conversations put on hold when you left the place? Naha….. I believe, when you travel, you elucidate by your own. Some previous experiences stay back and some savories and quirks of the place you travelled pop up within you. Today’s Youth, full of desires to travel. Just to motivate and be motivated, I want to reel off an episode of some memorable moments of my life in Rajgir City, Bihar. Within 33Km distance from Nalanda, a town named Rajgir, an ancient capital of Magadha Kings around 5th century B.C. Promptly, a tourist spot, I was not bewared about. As an Archaeologist, it was just a curiosity to walk within the past. I always prefer local travelling just to interact with locals, ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Rajgir March 1st 2017

Parli di Bihar e subito pensi al Buddha, che in questo stato dell'India settentrionale ha trascorso gran parte della sua movimentata esistenza; qui il buddismo e' diventato un vero e proprio movimento religioso ed il nome stesso del paese deriva dal sanscrito "Vihar", cioe' monastero. Potrei allora dedicarmi per ore a parlare di templi e stupa, rovine di monasteri e tombe dimenticate, tra immagini sacre e monaci quasi sempre sorridenti, ma non qui, non adesso, perche' forse non tutti sanno che il Bihar e' anche il luogo di nascita di Vardhamana Mahavira, il 24esimo Tirthankara, fondatore del Jainismo, una delle tante religioni semisconosciute che ancora vengono praticate nel subcontinente indiano; cerchero' allora di raccontarvi brevemente come funziona il tutto. Mahavira nasce nello stesso periodo (quinto secolo prima di Cristo) e vive negli stessi luoghi del principe ... read more
Sasaram - tomba di Sher Shah Suri
La fertile pianura del Bihar
Nalanda - le rovine del grande stupa

Asia » India » Bihar » Rajgir January 3rd 2010

It was the night before Christmas Eve after all. Quite appropriate to be knocking on inn doors looking for a room. We didn’t have straw on the floor, the donkey stayed on the street and the adoring multitudes were gathering at Mahabodhi. A sea of maroon and saffron robes. All converging to participate in the 27th Kagyu Monlam festival of prayer. Accommodation being generally full we were paying top dollar for a mediocre room. Security was obviously a top priority with the air conditioner hole in the wall sealed with a piece of newspaper! We couldn't strike lucky with everything but we had enjoyed an early morning ride with the secretary of the Mahabodhi Temple Committee's wife who was travelling down to visit from Sikkim. Having been our pleasant companion on the train she offered for ... read more
Getting ready
Open air haircut

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