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August 3rd 2012
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Well the heat is starting to get to me? Couldn't face doing much yesterday so I thought I'd head to thebreach for the day and find a nice tree to relax under and go for a swim. Managed to find the bus to the south side of hang kong island to a nice littletown calledrepulse bay. The beach was a little crowdestand I spied a little cove just down the coast so off I went to have a look for it. 34 degrees at 11 am is not the time foradventuring and by the time I got there I was a sweaty mess. But the swim was worth it water was warm but felt like ice. When up to my chest I couldn't see my feet which made me worry slightly about pollution. There were tankers in the distance,and since you can't see more than a km or two bc of the haze/smog I knew they weren't too far but nothing was gonna stop my refreshing dip. Then when I got out I was still hot so I went again. The walk back to repulse bay waskiller and I went to the first air conditioned spot I could see for lunch - pizza hut hahah I hBaka sesame roll and croissant forbreakfast and thenspaghetti carbonara for lunch with about 8 glasses of water.

Decided to have a stroll around and got a bit lost. Not cool since I was about dead from the heat. Finally found the bus stop to get back into the city. Must've had mild heat stroke/exhaustion bc I got a whopping headache and fell right to sleep when I got back at 500. So here I am on the steps of the library at 6am using their wireless. It's amazing how early things get going here. At 530 the sky starts to brighten and already the parks are full of ppl doing yoga or tai chi or whatever it is they're doing. Guess ya gotta exercise early when it's 30 degrees and 83%humidity at 540am.

Well the trip is a little boring so far but gotta adjust to this heat or I'm gonna kill myself. Gonna venture tokowloon today across the harbourfront to the history museum and a few markets. Looks like rain today, although so has every day so farand to a drop yet.


4th August 2012

Never mind the spelling
Nice to get your note Jason. You're gonna have to slow to a snail's pace in that horrible heat. The long days preclude any hope of sightseeing in the cool of the evening.It's likely the peak time of year for hot days (don't know the weather cycle in H.K. All I know is, it would knock me right out. I'm wilting today here at 27C. The humidity is high --I can tell because the hardwood floors are really sticky (lol) I had to buy a new dehumidifier, by the way as leaking continued. It's still in the jeep -- too heavy for me to lift out--job for dad tomorrow. Apparently the whales are putting on quite a show around the bay --locals say they never saw anthing like it. Prancing and breaching for 40 mins yesterday (see what you're missing)! Don't work too hard at answering my notes --you're on VACATION. Bye for now, be careful of food and water consumption.
6th August 2012

Waiting for next entry
Hello Jason: How's things going? Hope the heat hasn't melted you away. where are you now? Internet access may be a problem. Hope to hear.. Nan

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