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September 8th 2014
Published: June 11th 2017
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At home packingAt home packingAt home packing

Ella helping us pack!
We have made it as far as the Vancouver airport! We are relaxing in the Premium Lounge, having a beer, before our 2 am flight to Hong Kong. Susan got a deal on the lounge passes on Groupon and I'm glad she did. It's a nice way to start our trip. It's quiet here, there is lots of comfortable seating and food and drink.

Our cats are in good hands with our catsitter Ni. We're so glad she's staying in our place taking care of the cats while we're away. Ella knew something was up because of the suitcases. She always hides when visitors come but she came out when before we left so we know she'll be ok with Ni while we're away. Our friend and neighbour Myron drove us to the airport - thanks Myron! And it is his birthday today too. His wife and our friend Tula will pick us up. What great neighbours!

I will write again, probably from the plane. Now I'll enjoy the lounge for awhile.

Ok, here we are at the Hong Kong airport waiting for our flight to Bangkok. It was a 13 hour flight and wow, that was a
Lori at the Premium LoungeLori at the Premium LoungeLori at the Premium Lounge

Good way to start the trip
long flight. Cathay Pacific was good, blankets and pillows and headsets even for economy class. They gave us dinner and breakfast (I skipped the dinner but Susan said it was quite good). We get second breakfast on our flight to Bangkok, which is just under 3 hours. I dozed for a few hours, and watched 3 movies on the flight, Susan slept a bit and watched her share of movies too. We both wore our Dr. Segal compression socks on the flight and highly recommend them (Susan got the argyle and I got leopard print. Dr. Segal has lots of colours and prints).

Onward to Bangkok!

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10th September 2014

Oh this is so neat, reading the blog, it's kinda like taking a bit of the trip with ya's can't wait to see photos of Angkor...sooo cool. Kities well what's to say, Ella will take her best treats from my hand, so that's a start and Cleo jus
ts gives me the look! when she wants something, like whats the matter with you are stupid or something, can't you see what I want, and by the way I want it NOW....So I do what I am told and say ok Queen Bee,,,tooo funny. lol bfn
10th September 2014

What's that Canadian beer, let me know what you think of the Asian brands ??
10th September 2014

ShaZamm dazzle me in Pink
20th September 2014

Hey, we miss you last night at bookclub. I know you don't miss us, but that's ok, lol. I entirely forgot about it until I got a call from Laurie Quick around 8:30pm, haha, scattered brain already just because its Friday. Excited to read you
r blogs, it's almost like I went home although you are not going to Singapore. Someday I would have to make a trip and I am not looking forward to the long flight.
9th October 2014

I live that lounge. Beer on tap!

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