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July 18th 2012
Published: July 23rd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

London to dubai - 9:15pm to 3:30am london time,

Dubai to HK- 10:15am to 2:55pm London time, LocalHKtime9:55pm.

hieght 49Kfeet.

So the beggining here goes.

On the first flight I found myself sat in the middleof the row between Bugg and an old woman from SA, the entertainment in flight is actually amazing and very smooth.

The feeling of leaving and going so far is very strange not so much scary or exciting but I found it hard to belive its all happening. Plane food isn't all that bad either very good service. The A380 however was amazing, everybody should fly one of these.

Upon arrival James and Haze were waiting for us which for me was such a relief and It was so good to see him in his place after hearing about it for 5 years!!

The heat when we left the airport is almost a wall, the best way to describe it is possibly a sauna. James drove us to our hostel and then took us out for some food, this was after treating us to a beer on the 118th floor in the Ritz hotel (pictures to come but amazing isn't the word)

The food was fantastic pretty standard for what we would eat at home but tasted so good. Cold Tea to drink which was abit strange.

the hostel was fine even though the room was tiny and slept 10 people.

So day1 ends around 3am HK time. my feelings towards this trip have already drastically changed.It might not be so bad after all....


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