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September 21st 2012
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Well after getting up at an ungodly time and getting to the airport to be told our flight was delayed not a good start to the day. Everyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person in the least and if you can get a grunt out of me you have won the lottery!

Anyway we have now arrived in Hong Kong and have a fabulous view of the harbour from our room. It is a great room apart from the loo which is behind a clear glass wall into the bedroom so that is not very private is it!!!!!! Take that back it has an electric screen that comes down, dun dun nun nuun, dun nun nun nuuun nun nun nun naaaah 007 (Bond - for anyone not on my wave length).

We have just ventured out to Causeway Bay on the metro, so yes we are back into civilisation.

Well it hit me like a bolt out of the blue, there were hundreds of people milling around and no motor bikes honking their horns. It took a bit of getting used to, all the neon signs, people giving you leaflets for their restaurants, the luxury shops and the amount of people.

I decided that now I am back in the western world. I know you are all going to say YOU ARE STILL IN ASIA but you are wrong in someways and right in others. Yes Hong Kong is still in Asia but when you are walking past Armani, Prada, Louis Vitton, Hermes is it Asia - I do not think so.

Well we are meeting up with a friend I made in Nepal tomorrow she lives and works in Hong Kong and if I can recall correctly has been here for ages. It will be great to catch up and have a gossip also to find out how she is and what she is upto. Tina, yes sorry forgot to tell you her name went on from Nepal to Cambodia volunteering so it will be great to find out how it went.

Well I am going to clock off now as Mike the risk adverse one decided to put the alarm on for 5am this morning even though we did not need to leave the hotel until 7.30am. Remember we do not have a lot to pack as we are living out of rucksacks but hey at least he does a room sweep before we go I could have done with him doing that for me when I was in SaPa and then I would not have lost my glasses.

I am the worst person in the world as I am always losing things and Mike is always mine sweeping behind me, ha ha.

Hope all is well with everyone

PS: picked some reading glasses up in HK airport (don't I sound travelled, ha ha) aka Hong Kong but they are vibrant green that was the only colour in the strength I need - note to oneself MINE SWEEP.


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