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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley August 16th 2019

Mild turbulence and a thunderstorm welcomes us as we descend into Hong Kong. The ‘refreshment meal’ has been and gone, and it’s dawned on me that airline food is a bit like my old school lunches. Different food of course, but a filler just the same. We ate curried beef brisket earlier, and the chef has just dished out something described as cottage beef pie. What a wild imagination he has. It was OK, served a purpose, but it was like the old school lunches. You know, the sandwiches dad made the night before, wrapped in wax paper, and as dry as the Lake Eyre salt pans by the time lunch came around 15 hours later. It was usually honey, completely absorbed by the bread, or good old vegemite. White bread was the popular choice, which ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley September 20th 2014

We have arrived in Hong Kong a little ahead of schedule to find our 0040 departure to Paris has stretched to a 3am departure. As compensation, Cathay Pacific allows us HK$150 for use in any of the airport eateries. Now before you get as excited as I did with my limited knowledge of the local currency, this equates to 2 single waffle cones, 2 bottles of water and a 3 biscuit pack of Oreos. The phone issue was dealt with at Melbourne Airport through the purchase of 2 SIM cards, no frills, no data, top up on line, and usable in every country we visit at reasonable rates. A small problem put to the side. You've got to love Victorians and the passion for Aussie Rules football. Within seconds of being allowed to turn on phones ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley July 21st 2014

Seven years in Hong Kong, and you think you’ve done most things there are to do. Thankfully I still manage to surprise myself and discover more. Monday, that tricky day of the week when there’s a lot to do and it’s back to work after the weekend. Monday night is often one of those go to the gym, healthy dinner, early night kind of days. This particular Monday I was offered the chance to do something quite different. I left my desk at 6pm, raced home to change, and by 7pm I was in a taxi to the start of “The Twins” hike. Five of us began hiking in the dusk, heading up over the first hill towards the beach town called Stanley. It was quite a surreal turnaround. “The twins” are a popular hiking route ... read more
Many of these
Up we go...
Head Torch thumbs up

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley September 10th 2013

In mid-October, Irish asked if I wanted to go with her and her colleague to a Mosque for a gathering of some kind; Ms Chan had been pretty vague on the details, but had insisted that Irish go with her, and Irish didn't want to go by herself, so I agreed that it would, at the very least, be interesting. It turned out that the place was a Sikh Temple, and it wasn't a 'thing', it was an ordinary service. The most embarrassing part was Ms Chan and her friends taking photos, posing and arranging themselves, getting in the way of everybody trying to worship and get on with her business. Ms Chan was also unable to put on a headscarf properly and ended up wearing it like a terrible bandanna that somehow managed to miss ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley March 3rd 2013

Lucky to be in Kowloon and convenient if in Central. Lucky in Kowloon because one has the opportunity to enjoy passage by Star Ferry to Central, proceed up the ramp, turn right and walk a mere three blocks to the main bus terminal. Should one already be in Central, then one should be within walking distance or a short cab ride. One need not reach the station, by simply meeting Bus 61A en route at one of the stops nearby the ferry, however, chances are that the top two forward seats on the left side of the bus will be pre-occupied and that is unacceptable! Should there be others in line for 61A, one should step back and await the next departure. Those seats up the stair ladder are paramount in assuring a most fascinating ride ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley January 26th 2013

Day 8: Saturday, 26th January 2013 HK Correctional Services Museum >> City Gallery >> Tram Ride (Central to Shau Kei Wan) >> Museum of Coastal Defence >> City Plaza (Tai Koo MTR Station) This was a day devoted to worshipping the museums within Hong Kong Island. After a forgettable breakfast encounter from Ibis, I took the MTR Train straight to Central where the Exchange Square Bus Terminal was located. I boarded the bus service bounded for Stanley Prison where I alighted some 40 minutes later. As the bus made its way through Repulse Bay, I noticed that the cool morning weather did not deter joggers and swimmers from making a beeline to the beautiful beach. 9.20am - I reached the doorsteps of the HK Correctional Services Museum but the doors would only open at 10 in ... read more
Lunch at Maxim's
Hong Kong Tramways
Museum of Coastal Defence, Shau Kei Wan

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley September 23rd 2012

Well it is really sad to say goodbye to Asia but our last stop in Hong Kong was really great. We met up with Tina who I first met in Nepal and she gave us a birds eye view of Hong Kong which was great. We first went up the Peak on a tram and the views of Hong Kong are amazing from so high up - I did not realise Hong Kong was so large. After going up the Peak, Tina had arranged for us to go on a Junk called Aqua Luna. Remember in Japan I thought I had booked us on one and we found out I had booked us on a new boat which was moored next to the Junk. Well I must admit I thought that we would never go on ... read more
Aqua Luna Junk
Hong Kong Harbour Skyline

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley September 21st 2012

Well after getting up at an ungodly time and getting to the airport to be told our flight was delayed not a good start to the day. Everyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person in the least and if you can get a grunt out of me you have won the lottery! Anyway we have now arrived in Hong Kong and have a fabulous view of the harbour from our room. It is a great room apart from the loo which is behind a clear glass wall into the bedroom so that is not very private is it!!!!!! Take that back it has an electric screen that comes down, dun dun nun nuun, dun nun nun nuuun nun nun nun naaaah 007 (Bond - for anyone not on my wave length). We ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley July 24th 2012

Last day in HK, awake and get picked up by James to go and eat a HK breakfast. food was really good actually and then we walked around the shopping centre before leaving with him and his Gf to go to his big house had a quick beer before heading to the airport. really going to miss HK and the time I had there was amazing James done a fanstastic job of making sure we saw all the bis we needed to and then some by taking to some local places eating the food and playing some intresting new games. Once we got to the airport however we found our plane was delayed by 7 hours till midnight (ok we thought) we waited and waited and waited. nothing evenutally after a big rukus (thats a word) ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley July 23rd 2012

So today we woke up to a message that simple said Stay indoors Level 10 typhoon is in effect. Basically the worst typhoon to hit HK in 13 years and were stuck in the middle of it haha. So today consisted of us staying in until we needed to eat then casually popping out to starbucks and mcdonalds because of course the world could be ending and companies like that would still be open. However it was amazing to see people getting blown about, wearing hard hats and even magazine stands staying open with only a little plastic sheet to protect the presious magazines they sell. I think thats roughly all for today leaving HK tomorrow bit guted e didnt get the chance to go to the theme park but next time because I'm pretty sure ... read more

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