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August 5th 2010
Published: August 5th 2010
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Another update!!

I don't have much else to do yet...so you will get a lot of updates in the beginning...and maybe not so many later. 😊

I am currently sitting in my classroom! woo!! It is quite large, and very nice. It seems like we have access to all kinds of resources. I have a Promethean Board (like a Smart Board) and I'm sure all kinds of other cool stuff. I will need to do some exploring.

Today has been a GREAT day. Today I was just at the Lower Primary with other new Lower Primary teachers and TAs. We had a very fun, relaxing morning, and then they took us out for an awesome lunch. It was a mix of Thai, Chinese, and Indian. So I had good meat, Naan, AND (Stephanie) sweet, sticky rice with mango! I have been wanting that for so long. I was already so full but I could not turn it down. I thought it would be relatively easy to lose weight here because of my different lifestyle and the different food, but now I am nervous I might actually have to work for it! There are SO many good restaurants here, and so many of them are literally a minute walk from my flat. So far, the school has been paying for most of our meals, part of their new hire program I guess. But that has been a good and bad thing. Good because I get to try different restaurants that I might not have tried or been able to, but bad because I am eating too much! And it is too hot most of the time to work out outside. I DO have a lot of steps to go up and down...so hopefully that will help 😊 And I have been walking more. The scale I have in my bathroom here is probably from the 70s and it is says something like Peter Bear on it. The number it says hasn't been terrible but I have a feeling it might be a little off!

So, enough about my eating habits! I also wanted to tell you guys about the roads and the driving here. Thank God I don't have to drive here! The steering wheels are on the opposite side of the car (British, you know) and you drive on the opposite side of the road. Not only that...but I am sure this road I ride on would not meet a lot of USA engineering codes. It is very narrow and very hilly and curvy. I guess it has to be to get around the mountains and water here. But I tell you what....I always end up feeling a little sick at the end. And it is a freaky ride....especially because there are alot of buses here and they take up more space on the road. It always feels like you pass within inches of them. Mom, I don't think you will like that part.

I think those are the main things I wanted to tell you all! My cooperating teacher gets in today, and I am SO EXCITED to finally meet her. I know she will be tired and jet-lagged today, but I will see her soon!

I have already made some great friends (none to replace any of you!) 😉 but I am glad to start knowing some more people here. Now I just gotta get my phone and internet (probably today or Saturday) and I will be set!

Thanks again for everyone's love and support!!


10th August 2010

Hi! Good thing you dont have to drive...but I think its equally scary to walk in countries that drive on the other side of the road. It's so hard to to look right, left, right when you have been trained the opposite. Love you girl! So excited to hear about your first year of teaching! :)

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