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August 4th 2010
Published: August 4th 2010
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Hello everyone!

Things are still going well here in the big HK. Yesterday we started our new teacher orientation, so I got to meet some new people. I was surprised to find that I was the youngest person here, and the only person without any teaching experience- there are no other interns. There are some TAs who are starting new that are kind of in the same boat as me. Even though there are not as many younger single people as I expected, I have met some really great people here. I have already made a few friends-- people that I will see in Lower Primary and that I am sure I will spend time with outside of school. Everyone has still been really great in helping me get settled.

I have learned a lot about the school in the past 2 days. It is pretty incredible here. They are always on the cutting edge of technology and school philosophy. The school is currently on the plan for a one-to-one ratio of computers to students. This means that EVERY student will get a laptop, a macbook pro (although that fee is part of their tuition). This year grades 5-12 will have laptops and they will be making their way down into the other grades. I was also very excited to find out that teachers get a laptop to use....now I already have a laptop, so why would I be expected about this? Because the teachers all get macbook pros to use for free.... (or so I thought!). Right before they starting passing out the computers...the head of technology announced that all teachers from the Upper Primary and up would be getting the macbook pros...while the Lower Primary teachers (me!) get Dells. What a tease! I didn't even really care about it until I thought I was going to get one. But THEN they told us that we would be getting the newest and best computers in January. So, ha! I'll be getting my sweet Apple product soon! 😊

The school is really great. They have something called a career structure where teachers are paid based on a series of evaluations and a portfolio. The higher the score, the more that teacher can be paid. That is the very base explanation of it. The philosophy behind it is that teachers should be paid based on their teaching (duh!) It is also so that teacher's feel like they can continue to move up in their profession and be rewarded for their efforts. I think the hope is to keep the teachers here as well.

I got to see my classroom today! For about 2 secs. It is big and very nice. I am starting to get anxious to begin teaching! I am excited to meet my cooperating teacher and get my classroom set up and meet my kids! But that won't happen until August 16 😊

I am doing well here...getting a little lonely, but once I get internet in my "flat" and a mobile phone I will feel better. So keep the love coming!!

I need to go pay attention to this session now (the last one didn't apply to me), so I will write again soon!!

Love you all!


4th August 2010

great update!
Thanks for starting this blog for those of us not on facebook (I know, I know - the only two people on the planet! :) ). Sounds like a great start thus far...and you are already using all the British terms (flat, mobile, etc. - soon you will put things in the boot and not the trunk! :) ). Much love from Valpo!!!

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