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August 2nd 2010
Published: August 2nd 2010
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View from the ferry crossing over to the other Hong Kong. The part not on the Island ;)
Hello everyone!!

This is my test run for this blog website. I am not sure who is really interested in reading this, but maybe at least one person will read it 😊

I made it to Hong Kong with really no problem at all. The flight was long, but it actually went by pretty fast. I have already been here two days and I have a pretty good start! My apartment is beautiful- it is small, but very cute. And it has a great view! I have met some lovely people here already. The school has really reached out to take care of me. This afternoon was the first time I was alone besides sleeping 😊 I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I am still working on getting a phone and internet. I am sitting outside of a local coffee shop right now using a 24 hour internet pass, watching the people waiting for the bus. It smells like the ocean 😊

Hong Kong has been beautiful (hot!) the last two days. I am told it is not normally this nice here. It is not usually as clear as it has been. I think I have been a little spoiled already. 😊 I don't have much to report, or maybe I have TOO much and I can't even comprehend how to say it all. But things here are really good. I was much better prepared for this move than I thought I was. It has not been a hard adjustment. I am sure there will be times when I am scared or sad, but so far I have just been excited to be in a new place. There are so many things to do and explore. It makes me tired just to think about it (or maybe that's the jet lag....)

I start my new teacher orientation tomorrow. I am looking forward to meeting some other new people. I want to hear how their experience has been. Hong Kong, so far, feels basically like a big city in America. The people just look a little different and it is easier to get around 😊. The public transportation system here is very good, maybe cities in the US should take a look.

I think that is it for now! It is time for me to start thinking about dinner. I'll write again soon!

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on the other side!

cooling down! And no...this is not an alcoholic drink. Just a big pineapple juice :)

this is the view from a really cool rooftop bar in Wan Chai.

View from Stanley Main Street.

View from the windows of my apartment!!

2nd August 2010

Welcome to your new home, Laura!
Aloha Laura! Wow- your place is very cute, the city is vibrant, you are finding your way around, you have met friends, and you are friendly with those you just met ;-). So glad you are getting settled so quickly! We can't wait to hear about school and work... So what's the time difference there? We look forward to all the updates. They might not sound eventful to you, but it's fun to hear about life in Hong Kong, your perspective, and your adjustment to such new and exciting adventures. So, how do you say "hello" and "good-bye" in Hong Kongese...:) Love you! Aunt Jan
12th September 2010

Your place looks really cute and the view is spectacular. Hope all is going well and that you're enjoying your adventure.!

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