Photos from Kutaisi, Western Georgia, Georgia, Asia

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Impressive signage
View opposite Hotel
Hotel Zelimkhan
Interesting view!
Stalins carriage
Roadside market in Kutasi
Cave dwellings
The local supermarket
Our Street!
View from our Kutaisi balcony!
Tbilisi from our room
Heavy rain, then a landslide
I shepherded this one to safety off the road
Not a work of art, industrial archaeology
At the market
Pots for sale to keep your wine
Old house in the museum
Protesting Protesting
More snowy mountains
In some churches ladies have to wear a skirt
Thanks, Georgia. Let's just get all those roads fixed...
Bagrati Cathedral, Kutaisi
View across to the mountains we'll soon cross
Bell tower, Bagrati Cathedral
Seemingly endless steps when you're a little hungover...
Fancy pants roundabout, Kutaisi
Rush hour, Georgian style
Us. With horns. And homemade wine. Send help.
Local 'hunny' for sale
The boat journey out into the blinding light
Inside a stalactite
Prometheus Caves
One of my favourite spots in the cave
Prometheus Cave
Stalactites and stalagmites still growing after all this time
Prometheus Cave
riesige Tonkrüge
ganz besondere Kühe
blühende Straßenränder
Blick nach Westen
eine typische Dorfstraße
Das EUMM Gebäude - fotografieren verboten!
Das Badezimmer
Stalins Schlafzimmer
Konferenzzimmer im Waggon
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