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September 1st 2017
Published: September 18th 2017
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My girlfriend and I are fascinated by Chinese culture. However we’ve found many Chinese cities overcrowded and difficult to enjoy precious quiet moments while exploring Chinese culture. So recently we chose to move to Ningbo, and so far we’ve found it more than suitable and almost too comfortable at times.

Dining Out in Ningbo

The Baisha Bay is a great place to eat in Ningbo, followed by a visit to Nantang Old Street and Tianyi Square. We circled around the fountain of Tianyi square. An evening stroll down Nantang Old Street was enjoyable with the area being lit by Chinese lanterns. Chinese folklore could be felt everywhere. Later we made our way to Sanjiangkou, the Old Bund to enjoy the evening breeze by the riverside during an epic and charming enough pub-crawl for two on a date.

Butterfly Love Theme Park

The park typifies the traditional Yangtze River Delta style of landscape architecture. Apparently there’s a love legend behind the park and its creation. Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo are the protagonists and often referred to as the Chinese Romeo and Juliet.

Camping in Ningbo

Dongqian Lake is the most scenic camp in Ningbo according to people who have travelled around Ningbo. Another love story legend between Fan Li and Xi Shi surrounds the sentiment of the lake. There are bicycle trails circling the lake, but the evening is best for enjoying a sunset or stare gazing overlooking the scenery.

It seems we have been charmed by the city of Ningbo.

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