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May 5th 2013
Published: May 11th 2013
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"Lixia" is one of the 24 solar term in our Chinese custom, Lixia mean the beginning of Summer. Lixia is for happiness, for leisure as it was the time after all the plantation work had been done, people should made fun and party. But there wasn't many celebration happen in Yunnan for Lixia. Nanjian is one of the place that celebrate Lixiajie, and this year Lixia fall on the date 5th of May. It was a huge event especailly happened in the small village like Malutian. it was like a big market, the street are full of people, and a section for livestock trading as well. no festival go without dancing, people gathering in the small square inside the village, I wondered how they could still managed to dance with 100 of people pressing front to back to each others. anyways...I was hoping to see their unique event for this Lixiajie festival - Taniba(step into mud river), but then find out they hadn't done this event for more than 10 year, why??? " there was no more water in the river" everyone said! well... look at the river, although still got some fluid but...kind of dying! it wasn't just the drough but also the deforestnisation, mining...whatever! in the old day the Taniba event could heal hidden disease in your body. I could imagine 100 of people jump step into the mud river...disappointed...another custom had gone!

Walked up the dying river from Malutian for about 2km you will find a hanging temple on mid-hill, a bit broken down, only an old couple taking care of the surrounding, they said people only busy moment in a year in this temple will be on the 15th Lunar january, and on the birthday of Guanyin on the 18th Lunar Febuary. Nanjian is one of the seldom visited township in Dali region, but the town still expand and expand each time I came visit, the lenght of the town getting longer, more and more buildings with no inmates, it kind of became another ghost town!

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