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March 3rd 2012
Published: March 5th 2012
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Yangpihui is a traditional festival in Taiping, a small township in Sidian, Baoshan region. No one know when or why this festival began, only knew that they had to dance their dragon from village into town. In the old day there could be more than 7 dragons, and many other object like...tiger, qilin and group parade. but nowaday as many young people went out to work in the city, there wasn't enough man power to operate that many event. This year only 3 villages came out with their dragon, and the worse was the rainy weather that stop the atmosphere from building up. The dragons marched inside the narrow market street, approaching shop front offered their greeting, in return shop owner would reward them with red-pocket. 2 of the dragon are super long, operated by more than 30 people, and many of them are childern. Well...in a way...it might help kept the tradition for another generation. The Yangpihui had created another market day in Taiping, if not with bad weather, "there will be more than 10000 people, at least" one of the vendor told me. Although the local couldn't tell me what the festival are for, but it should be something about prosperity, as Taiping lied on the old trading route into Burma, another festival as a chaser right after Newyear to pump up the spirit. beside...before they dance their dragon out from the village, they will offered pigs to their ancestor.

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