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February 29th 2012
Published: March 1st 2012
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Yabashen was a spirit that could turn people into a dumb, lost their speaking skill. And in Gaiwasa village they kept a ritual to dispelled the spirit away, every year on the 8th day of Lunar Febuary the Yi village would held the Tiaoyaba ceremony to keep the Yabashen away. Said it is a very original and sacred ceremony and this year attracted the TV came to made a recording. It turned out another festival for sale. I didn't know what it was like in the old day, but what I'd seen here was provided whatever the TV want for their show, especially the the identities of those actors who play the part of the Yaba and spirits, legend said they would be choosen by the Shaman on the ceremony day secertly, no one should know their identity, but for the TV and some photographer, they let them shot where they dress up and line up for their photo, well...traditional is fragile against commerical and economic! Anyways...the ceremony started by late afternoon when they went to pray respected to their ancestor near the holy tree, then right after dark they gathered in the village playground, making typical Yi dance around fire, by tradition the Yaba would appeared by midnight but...with us and the show up earlier around 10pm, running madly around the playground, shouting in strange voices and hasseling people(especially to women), and ended by went to to houses to expelled the Yaba spirit. That should be a call to every household, but nowaday...a symbolic visited to some families! what a boring ceremony and waste of time!
Giawasa is located in Gonglang township in Nanjian county. the region is totally hilly said more than 93% of its land are mountain. But it made the landscape rather nice and pretty. Gonlang also a nice small town with a large Musilm community.

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