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October 3rd 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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Sheep in a rowSheep in a rowSheep in a row

Waiting to be bought at the Kashgar animal market.
We had a great time in Kashgar. It was our first experience with a Chinese city and was a welcome change from Central Asia. We’ve immediately taken a liking to the food. Our local guide is from Chengdu and he introduced us to some tasty Sichuan dishes. The street food is also quite good. So far we’ve tried meat buns, kebabs, and spicy cold noodles. It’s always a bit of an adventure trying to order food in a restaurant as you never quite know what you’re going to get. Luckily we found a restaurant with pictures on the menu and English translation (sort of). We’re doing our best to learn some Mandarin. We can say three words: hello, thank you, and toilet. It’s a start anyways. We plan to spend about 3 to 4 months in China so we’ve got some time to practice.

The other big thing in Kashgar is the Sunday animal market. We heard that it was pretty touristy, but I don’t think we were quite prepared to see the number of tourists that were there. It’s quite difficult to take a photo without another white person in the background. It’s actually pretty interesting because despite all the tourists, the market still seems to have retained its traditional way. We didn’t see a single shop selling souvenirs or anything that actually catered to tourists. The locals just ignored all the idiots with the cameras and went about their business buying and selling their livestock. I think that’s a pretty rare combination to have.

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Meat bunsMeat buns
Meat buns

Filled with mutton. A bit fatty and salty, but worth a try.
Spicy meat dishSpicy meat dish
Spicy meat dish

Lots of chili peppers. Those aren't green beans!
Meat buns bakingMeat buns baking
Meat buns baking

Stuck to the inside of a brick oven. This is how they cook most of the local bread here.
Sheep in the streetSheep in the street
Sheep in the street

Old town Kashgar.
In front of Mao statueIn front of Mao statue
In front of Mao statue

One of the biggest in China.

12th October 2010

Spicy meat dish
1. Just how hot were those chillies that I thought were green beans? 2. How loud was the market - sheep, people, etc.? 3. Jordan, you need to take pictures with your right hand, so we can see Kathy's other profile!! Have fun, take pictures, live well and keep sending the blogs - I love them!

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