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January 2nd 2013
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Typical Panda PoseTypical Panda PoseTypical Panda Pose

The highlight of any trip to Chengdu
Having been to Chongqing a lot over the past 6 months, I thought it was time to check out Chengdu. It was about a 4 hour bus ride. But, we had a 3 day weekend for Western New, it was time to check it out..the sights, the food and of course PANDAS!

Chengdu has a definite different feeling that Chongqing...they both are known for their spicy food and ridulous rates of construction right now but Chengdu do seems to be a little more chill, refined and international. Though, you still need to dodge cars on the sidewalk, street or wherever and the city is teeming with energy.

I got a great deal on a hotel called the Old Chengdu Club which was built in some really traditional buildings, with Chinese accents and style but with modern bathrooms, facilities etc.

I checked out some parks, temples and just did my normal walks around cities that I visit. Yes, some Western food was a goal as well.

Of course the highlight was the Panda conservation area. The location is only about 30 minutes from Central Chengdu and was nothing short of amazing! They are truly majestic creatures who
BBQ QuailBBQ QuailBBQ Quail

If it is meat and you can eat it, the Chinese BBQ it!
really just eat bamboo, sleep and turd...What can I do to come back as a panda in my next life? With only a 1000 left on earth in and out of capitivity, I am thinking my chances are pretty low!

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Sichuan SpicesSichuan Spices
Sichuan Spices

Buy it by the jar and put chilis on anything and everything
Chengdu TempleChengdu Temple
Chengdu Temple

Burning some incense for good luck in the New Year!
Chengdu TempleChengdu Temple
Chengdu Temple

A tree carved in the shape of a pagoda!
Chinese crowdsChinese crowds
Chinese crowds

Go any place interesting on the weekend in China and be prepared to brave the crowds!
Panda Time!Panda Time!
Panda Time!

Outside the Panda Research Centre
Itchy ButtItchy Butt
Itchy Butt

This guy was stratching his butt on a tree!
Chillin' PandaChillin' Panda
Chillin' Panda

After pigging out on bamboo, it is time to sit back and relax.
Walk TimeWalk Time
Walk Time

Ke Bi goes for a walk
Relax in a treeRelax in a tree
Relax in a tree

Just like humans, panda teens climb trees
I was there!I was there!
I was there!

Proving I was there!
Ke BiKe Bi
Ke Bi

He balanced on the edge of the moat!
Yoga anyone?Yoga anyone?
Yoga anyone?

Panda teens sleep in the trees too...probably just as comfortable as Chinese beds!
Red PandasRed Pandas
Red Pandas

There are Red Pandas too but they just looked like red racoons to me!
Ahhh the lifeAhhh the life
Ahhh the life

Lay back and pig out on bamboo

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