Tyler Evans

Ty Evans

Tyler Evans

I am a Canadian (from Vancouver) from July 2012 to July 2013 I was living and working in Chongqing, China

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto May 16th 2013

I took a day trip to Kyoto to re-visit some places that I saw from high school...oh the memories... read more
Only 10 minutes from downtown Kyoto
The Japanese have style...don't they?
Statue....ummm obviously

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka May 11th 2013

It was so nice to visit Manabu and Miyuki again in Osaka. I did not realize how much I missed them. Their wonderful 2 and a half year addition is a pretty cool little guy too. It was great to eat, drink and be able to talk with people on the street, on the train and to ask for simple things like directions! Can't get enough of Osaka... read more
Sunny in Osaka
Miyuki & Hikari
Pre or Post Sake?

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing May 11th 2013

Just a few pictures that I took before going on holidays.... read more
And the bevvies after
mmmmm Bunny Heads!
Bunny Soup

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing April 12th 2013

I went on about a 4 hour bike ride to go to and from a local attractions...Bamboo Sea and Tea Mountain... read more
Description of the Area
Tea Plantation

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing April 12th 2013

The megalopilis of Chongqing (68 km and anywhere from a 70 minute to 4 hour drive depending on the day) is pretty interesting to tour around and see. It is definitely authentic China and not very 'Westernized'. Here are just a few pics of some places I have gone to on weekends recently.... read more
Cool Sculpture
Across the River

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing April 10th 2013

Since I am spending most of my days at work, why not put some photos of work and school?... read more
ESL at Elementary
In Front of Elementary School
Energy for the Little Ones

Asia » China » Chongqing » Chongqing March 11th 2013

I have been thinking that I have put a whole bunch of posts of places around Asia that I have visited but not many about my own back yard...So, the next 2 months will be about taking photos around here. Especially, since it is warmer here and it is easier to get out and about. I will try to send photos that will give you a sense of the incredible scale of construction that is happening in Yongchuan and I am sure in most of China. the feel of the gritty streets and the pastoral landscapes that are only a bike ride away. Over the past week I have been out walking in the afternoons and evening more (and remembering to take my camera). On Sunday, I went for a 3 hour bike ride and tried ... read more
New Town from a Distance
Sunday in Yongchuan
Pagoda at Night

Asia » Macau » Macau March 1st 2013

I had been to Macau once for work 10 years ago and thought I would check it out again....thinking that I love Vegas and China has been cool. So, why not see how they mix. Well, it was not that at all. Macau is very tame and the casino games are not at all what they are like in Las Vegas. But I had some time to see the sights...so why not get a feel of old Portugal/Europe and new China?... read more
Sorta Looks like Europe hey?
From St. Peter's Church Ruins Hill
Around Macau

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai March 1st 2013

So...the last few days of my trip I wanted to see Hong Kong again after 10 years and...it is stellar! I love Hong Kong....Maybe Vancouver, New York and Hong Kong for the best cities in the world. I went to Happy Valley horse cares one night and just walked and walked around Hong Kong Island, the Peak, over to Kowloon eating, drinking and soaking up the international flavour. I could spend much more time there for sure!... read more
Amazing Skyline...love it!
Hong Kong Street Scene
Ahhh.... I miss the races

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido » Miniloc February 28th 2013

Having been to the Philippines last year in March, I knew that I needed to go back. The beaches, weather, people are what make this country as spectacular as it is...I could really see myself living there! I started off in Cebu city...played some poker and toured around a bit but my real intention was to get to the beaches. So, a 4 hour bus ride and hour by....I guess it would be called a ferry....I arrived on Bantayan Island. It was really laid back with a few tourists but not many. I booked a boat tour through the owner of my bungalow to Virgin Island and rented a motorbike one day to cruise around the island to see some other beaches, a cool old church and a bunch more. I even busted out some karaoke ... read more
Out my front door
Ready for a scrap
Bantayan Church

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