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October 15th 2010
Published: October 15th 2010
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I have an exciting weekend planned with my friends. Today we are going to Chunxi Lu to have Pizza Hut for lunch and shop. There are a few themed extravaganzas coming up, a Cabaret at the Shamrock and Halloween to be exact. So we need to find bits and pieces for our costumes.

Tonight we are having dinner with Clare's English group. They have pledged to take us somewhere good and cheap, which is awesome because we are trying the stick to the 50 kuai a day meal stipend that PLU has set for us. That is seven dollars a day. And if we eat for less that that, we can use our earnings to fund shopping, tailoring, etc.

After dinner we will go out as usual.

Tomorrow at one Sichuan University is sending us all to the panda conservatory for free.

When we get back we are headed to the hostel that Maria stayed at while we were in Tibet. We rented a room for four. Only 20 kuai per person for the night. We will enjoy the cheap food, cheap drinks, and chill atmosphere. They have free wifi and all of the staff are really nice and speak phenomenal English, and probably know more slang than I do.

The next morning, we are headed to Ikea by subway. The subway station is very close to the hostel. Part of the reason we are staying there. I haven't taken the subway yet! It should be exciting.

I have heard that at Ikea, Chinese people treat the room setups like a park. They sleep in them, eat in them, sit and chat, play cards... And supposedly the food is the same and just as cheap, so cinnamon roll here I come!

At four we meet Snow White at the South Gate. We are going to her boyfriend's apartment, and he is going to teach us how to make jiaozi. So I will be able to make it for everyone when I get home!

And at seven we have our usual class... seminar with Adam. And it should be awesome because we are showing the ridiculous movie we made in Tibet that probably doesn't have anything to do with Tibet.

So look forward my posts next week. I am also working on some specific posts about the tailor, eating for cheap in China, and all of the other things that are going on in China today.


15th October 2010

: )
I always look forward to your posts!!
15th October 2010

Courier Herald
Your picture and first article were in the Courier Herald this week, almost a whole page! You are famous. : )
15th October 2010

The Panda Conservatory
Hi Laura, I can't wait to read your blog after you visit the Panda conservatory. And, it has been a long time since I have made jiaozi. When you are home, we should have a jiaozi making party at Chinese New years. I really enjoyed your article in the Bonney Lake Courier Herald. Jacob took it in to school to share with his 3rd grade class. The teacher read the article to the class and had to explain what yaks are. Keep up the great writing! I'm glad you are having a good time and get to experience so much.
16th October 2010

I didn't know that it got published!

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