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September 13th 2011
Published: September 13th 2011
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Back in Action again...

I promised my mother and grandmother that I would be better about keeping up with my blog this semester. I have been neglecting it for the past couple of weeks purely because I was too busy to even think about it. Finely though, we are getting back into the swing of school and so I now have a little time to think and reflect on being in China for another year.

I must say that packing for the second time around was not as easy as I had hoped it would be. I still did not sleep the night before I left but it all turned out to be fine. I had a fine trip over though I would not venture to say it was comftorable, and as soon as I touched down I met some of the new teachers who were coming to my school (CJ and Ashton).

The start of orientation and everything was hectic mainly because the only things I wanted to do was to sleep and catch up with my friends in Shanghai, but the only thing I had time to do was to work. We worked for SEVEN days straight!!!! It was exhausting. We have just had a 3 day weekend to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival though which was very much needed.

I am still teaching 2nd Grade Non Native English and a homeroom 2nd grade teacher with Ms. Wei. I love Ms. Wei and I am soooooo glad to be back with her again this year. I have also picked up a 1st Grade ESL class which is lots of fun but also challenging since we have just being doing the ABCs, numbers, and "Hello my name is." Very very basic stuff in other words. The kids are great though.

I get to see Favour almost everyday and he is doing well and sends his love to my Mom and Dad every time we chat. My new kids are a lot of fun. They have taken to playing a very combative aversion of "London Bridge is Falling Down" which consists of them trying to knock each other down as hard as they can (it gets pretty brutal and we might have to put a stop to it if there are tears). I have some really funny kids and they make me laugh every chance they get. We have been so busy with the beginning of the year that it has been sorta painful at the end of the day but anytime I spend with my kids just remind me why I love my job.

We have had several banquets and birthday parties so there has also always been something to do on the weekends. I have loved getting to know the new teachers and to hangout with the old ones too.

NEW FLASH... there are now FOUR Meredith girls at my school in Shanghai. Megan and myself are on the Pudong campus and Pamela and Emily are in Puxi but we all get to see each other on the weekends and had a Meredith Dinner on Saturday!!! It was so much fun and it is such a blessing to have them around. We need to start an Alumni Association of Shanghai!

I think that is about all the news I have for now. Until next time which hopefully wont be too long. I need to update on clothes, pearls and shopping but that is such a long post that I figured I would stick to news for now ; )

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