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May 8th 2012
Published: May 8th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

May 27 - maybe a bit city tour and a relaxing Thai massage after? Ha

- Wat Phra Kaew, A.K.A, Emerald Budda - seriously don't know how to pronounce that ... But it must be very crowded over there.. have to get up really early to avoid the crowd!!

- Grand Palace

- Thompson's House - I am more interested in what happend to him rather his house. Rumor has it that one day he was just walking on some street in Malaysia and suddenly disappeared and no one saw him thereafter, and in the same year his sister being murdered in USA... he used to work for CIA... um... feels like one of those hollywood conspiracy moive.. ha

- China Town? I do wanna go check out, but if it's too hot or too crowded.... will see

- Thai Boxing !!!! sounds exciting ... never been to any kind of boxing.. definitely gonna check out this ! Lumphini Stadium.

- F1 Monaco race ; needs to find a sport bar to watch it, shouldn't be hard.

- Thai Massage; This is a must after a long day...

Well... a rough idea where to go... or I might be, more likely, deviated from the above route.... the beauty of travelling... unknown, unknown about city, unknown about my mood at that moment, therefore unknown where it will lead me ...

Another thing makes me so excited about this trip is Thai food... my favorite...

I love doing all these research even though I know i wouldn't follow the plan or route, but it makes me feel so close to it...

So much for today !

Get docs ready for Thai visa tomorrow ! one more step closer to Thailand ! Oh yeah I am coming ! :-)




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