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June 5th 2014
Published: June 5th 2014
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Jumps and rolls...I WILL DO A KARTWHEEL!!!!!! If by the end if my time at kung fu school I cant do 1 sodding kartwheel I have serious issues. I did an aided headstand yeaterday so that was a slight achievement. I alao weighed myself this morning and I am now only 102.2kg. Last time weighed myself b4 coming out here I was 110kg. Lets c how this carries on. I feel fitter and healthier. Ohhhh I saw frog 2day. The little bugger legged it as soon as he saw me, I rekon he thort I wud eat him. Hehe
I ballsed up my kartwheel I think I tried 2 hard and was over thinking it. Lota more cardio work and also jore take downs. They r really fun but also hurt. Lol I dont really know how 2 fall properly. Hahaha. Lets c how 2 moz is.
Going 2 renew my visa. I only got a 1minth visa from the embassy, every1 else herw has either had a 3 month or 6 month visa. But my renewal will(shud) b for 6 months more. Saw a toad his evening and rescued it. Lol. More like out it on a dustpan and moved it away from the preying eyes of the chinese. Lol
Qi gong and conditioning and Power training 2day and im well up 4 it. More new pp, have turned up, the r already more bendy than me... its so annoying. Lol, altho I am getting there. My poo boo(preying stance) is getting better. My maa boo(horse stance) is improving aswell. Look at me getting down with the lingo. Hahaha u7
Im so tired its unbelievable. Still need 2 do the power training. I feel like the living dead. Lol. power training was good. I did the 2 times on hands and feet(finally) then finally again, did the piggyback/firemans lift 3times. Im improving. Whoop whoop. My motivation is petty but working.
Power stretching time.... again not looking 4ward 2it. But then its the weekend. And steaktime.
Here r the fotos from my 4th week. I cant believe its been a month already. Time flies, so im gunna make the most of it, im gunna start doing some sparing and high heart rate work more often, we have a cage fighter here who wants 2 help me. Whoopwhoop.
I just realised the pics were really rushed and probs not the best 1s but they still better than the 1st. Lol


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