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May 26th 2009
Published: May 26th 2009
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My roomMy roomMy room

This is a picture of my room at the Shan, before my room-mate moved in.
Let's see I wrote last wednesday, on thursday we did power training, using weights, holding positions longer than usual for extra effect. Tough stuff. That was in the evening, in the morning we did chi-gong meditation. Friday was the mountain run, although I did most of it at a walk due to my flat feet, it was still exhausting. Again, that was in the evening, I'm not sure but I think we did sanda in the morning. Saturday we went into Yantai. I was pretty much just tagging along, I had a few small things to pick up. I couldn't find the music shop to get a flute so we went to Walmart for the other things, we went to McDonalds for lunch, it tasted gooooood. The food here is pretty good, but it's also always the same, always chicken and rice, with some other things that vary randomly. On sunday I went with a few other guys to a place called Juscos, it's like a big store that's split up into three or four different sections separated by little stores, kinda odd, but whatever. I didn't really get anything, just seeing the sights. On monday did more of the same,

The second mountain shot
sanda, chi-gong, the same stuff. Today we spent all of the training sessions at the "big tree" a sort of landmark area for people at the academy, it's a clearing off a little path in the nearby park. For the morning session we mostly did applications. Showing us how the moves in the forms and stuff are actually used and chi-gong meditation on the rocks by the river. Nice and peaceful, it was great. For the evening session we did some sparring, not real sparring, we didn't have any pads, but light contact sparring, I got a bruised shin and an annoying back, my partner got a similarly bruised shin, except his blow up like a balloon soon after the impact whereas mine didn't really swell, it just hurt. I guess that's it.

The first mountain shot didn't make it through.

Additional photos below
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First halfFirst half
First half

The first half of the Kunyu sign
Second halfSecond half
Second half

The second half of the Kunyu sign
The pathThe path
The path

The path leading down from the gate to the training areas
Grading platformGrading platform
Grading platform

Pretty self-explanitory, this is where we're graded
Eight immortals caveEight immortals cave
Eight immortals cave

This is the eight immortals cave, at the top of the mountain path. And, unless I'm mistaken the birthplace of Taoism.
Mountains 3Mountains 3
Mountains 3

The third and final mountain shot

Strange place for a Walmart, not that I'm complaining.

Here's one of me with my practice sword, although it's tough to make out.

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