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November 11th 2012
Published: November 11th 2012
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Today I introduced Martin to English corner where he was a hit.

His hat was certainly a great novelty item, with the guy who does the sketching drawing him and getting him to sign his drawing. Many people tried the hat on; his moustache was also commented on, as was his name on his jacket (old work jacket)

Some people found his broad Aussie accent and colloquialisms hard to understand; we had many photos taken of us with various people and had we charged a fee we could have made a killing.

Lunch today was at a Muslim place close to Black Tiger Springs, with lamb and cumin dish being a hit and the pulled long flat noodles also very delicious. No beer at this place, although many places do sell alcohol.

We walked along the canal to Spring City Square, crossed over into Parc66 for coffee at Timmy’s on the 2nd

floor and people watching and then finished the afternoon in a little expat splurge at Ole Supermarket on the 2nd floor of Parc66 of healthy cereal, healthy bread, tomato juice, juices, sav blanc wine, camembert cheese

and scotch for Irish coffee making.

Lining up for our Number 3 bus home we watched the street sweeper lady busily cleaning up her section of the street of the constantly falling autumn leaves. They work diligently on this seeming futile task, amongst the heaviest of traffic, bitter winds, ignored by all.

Bus home and on with the heater as today there has been artic winds and temperatures of around 5 all day.

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Fresh noodlesFresh noodles
Fresh noodles

They make these constanly pulling and stretching the dough
Blind musicianBlind musician
Blind musician

We gave him Y1
Test/taste Test/taste

We had 2 lots of wine Tast, yum

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