Day 2 in China! - Mandarin, Abacus, Polar Aquarium and Dalian Nightlife

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July 25th 2013
Published: July 30th 2013
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Today was the second day of our trip to China, though it has felt much longer. In the morning, we had two hours of Chinese/mandarin class. We reviewed pinyan, and played a game that had us creating words with letter cards. Those of us who made mistakes were made to sing in front of the class. That group, unfortunately, included me. We managed to put off actually opening our mouths until the end of the game. Only two of us ended up singing, again, including me. After that, we had an abacus class. A six year old girl did a demonstration of the abacus in action. She amazed all of us, and, least to say, her skills are much better than the rest of ours. We were taught in the art of calculating using the abacus and attempted simple problems using addition and subtraction. Lunch followed soon after, and the meal was delicious as usual. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Dalian aquarium and touring the nightlife of Dalian. Hope you guys are having a great time without your kids! Roger out.

Today we learned Chinese in the morning. After that we had a girl that could do math really quick on abacus. Abacus was really fun and kind of hard. When lunch was finished we went to an aquarium. We saw dolphins and other cool aquamarine animals. The aquarium was really fun. I had a great time! After we left the aquarium we went to a restaurant to eat dinner. The food tasted great! We went to look around Dalian in the night. Dalian is very pretty in the night time. I really enjoy here and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

By Sarah and Linda


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