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March 31st 2006
Published: July 30th 2006
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The Infamous Birthday Hat!The Infamous Birthday Hat!The Infamous Birthday Hat!

Here it is- the infamous birthday hat. The tradition is simple, if it is your birthday, you wear the hat while everyone sings "Happy Birthday!" to you. My students just love this!
Birthdays have always been of importance to me, not only mine but of those near and dear to me as well. After all, our birthday is our day and celebrates each of us coming into this world.
Something definately worth remembering!

Despite a number of interesting variations around the world in the way birthdays are celebrated, it seems there are a number of common factors that transcend many cultural barriers: the birthday cake with candles, birthday card, birthday song and ,of course, birthday presents!

My students inform me that, in China, they celebrate their birthday twice, once on the day and the other at New Year, where everyone celebrates the start of another year. Children are given money in red envelopes and treated to new clothes as well. I have asked them all to write their birthdays on one of the Oz calenders I brought with me. It's a bit confusing, as they use the Lunar calendar, and of course mine is based on the solar one. I have asked them to humour me and use the solar calendar! Although incredibly shy, they love being acknowledged in this way. Many of my students live far from home and they
The Inspiration Behind The Birthday HatThe Inspiration Behind The Birthday HatThe Inspiration Behind The Birthday Hat

My friend Leanne (Falsies) inspired me to bring the tradition of the birthday hat to China.
have told me that it really helped their home sickness to have someone recognise their birthday. Such small things make such a difference to these charming young people.

Since March was a busy month for friends' and family birthdays, I therefore dedicate this brief blog to those dear to me whom I won't be able to celebrate your special day with you this year.

To my friends at Border H4, this is to show you that I brought a little bit of Border tradition with me!

Finally, to my wonderful students- here you are on the net!

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Happy Birthday Kerrie (GC) - March 1Happy Birthday Kerrie (GC) - March 1
Happy Birthday Kerrie (GC) - March 1

Birthday "Hello" from my enthusiastic 053 English majors.
Birthday Girl Kerrie (GC)Birthday Girl Kerrie (GC)
Birthday Girl Kerrie (GC)

Kerrie (GC) was delighted to receive her special "birthday card" from China!
Happy Birthday Liz (Whoopi) - March 8Happy Birthday Liz (Whoopi) - March 8
Happy Birthday Liz (Whoopi) - March 8

My friend Liz (Whoopi) loves the colour purple and is currently working in a gold mine in South Australia! Charming 051 English majors wish her a safe and happy birthday.
Bobby's Italian Birthday - March 22Bobby's Italian Birthday - March 22
Bobby's Italian Birthday - March 22

I planned to have an Italian night for a change of cuisine and it turned out to be Bobby's Birthday (my teaching partner's boyfriend). Guess what his favourite dessert is? Tiramisu! Also in the photo are Victoria, my teaching partner and Vivian our Chinese co teacher.
Happy Birthday Brother John - March 28Happy Birthday Brother John - March 28
Happy Birthday Brother John - March 28

Yet another March birthday! My shy 043 English majors send their best wishes to my brother John.

30th July 2006

Hi Sue Your Blogs are awesome, they come so often i cant keep up but im trying ,you are a wonderful raconteur. How do your students keep up? Also great to see Jude and Brian again. Go the Dragon
31st July 2006

Sue it all looks so wonderful thank you so much for your e-mails.LOVE YOU and take care
31st July 2006

Great to hear your news. Just been to Border Hash and saw Menstral get his 300 run flask. My birthday soon - just looking for a new set of golf clubs. Musturdie too - birthday and golf clubs!!! Hope to catch you in Chan Mai. Cheers
1st August 2006

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Hi Sue, a wonderful story, the hat looks great, adds colour to the birthday events. I must find time to really check out the Blogs setting up etc. Sandie

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