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14th February 2014

What can I say! Tready these places are beautiful. I can't believe you're there! Same ol same ol here. XXXXX
20th February 2014

Hi from Rio, Spas!
Wait until you see the Salar trip- coming right up very soon... Last Saturday marked 5mths on the road! Can you believe it? My time in South America is half over!!
1st February 2014

Happy New Year Treadie!
Hi Treadie, Fantastic photos again! You sound as though your having a great time. On On Wally xx
5th February 2014

Hashy Chinese New Year to You, Wal!
Glad you're still enjoying the blogs, Wal! Even though these are more than 3 mths after the fact! Another one coming up now!
28th January 2014

Happy New Year Treadie!
Hi Treadie, Hope you had a great Xmas. Thanks for the photos & blog. Fantastic scenery! On On Wally
27th January 2014

Looks like you are having a wonderful trip. Keep enjoying. Your blog is interesting.
5th February 2014

Hi Sharon!
Another one coming up!!
23rd January 2014

San Pedro de Atacama
Great photos, brought many happy memories of our trip along the same trails.
24th January 2014

Hi Lesley!!
Me, too. It's been 3mths since I was there, so a bit of a trip down memory lane even for me! Ha!
23rd January 2014
Red, eroded  gullies

Tready!!!!! Hello :) Thanks for the update. What beautiful places......... stunning. Great to see your happy face and to know that you are enjoying your holiday. XXXXXX Spas
24th January 2014
Red, eroded  gullies

Hi Spas!
Yep, it's been a while, hasn't it? Glad you're enjoying them. Hope all goes well with you. Best Wishes for a great 1st week back at your new school next week! Hugs xxxx
23rd January 2014

"Adventure Travel Photography at its Finest !"
Treadie ... grrr ... such is the beauty of what you have recorded, I now realize that I will have to again upgrade my own cameras ! To gain their sponsorship in exchange for your adventure travel blog and travel images, you seriously should contact the International Kathmandu Out-Fitting Business (NZ based) You are worth sponsorship , as you have now proved yourself to be 'a proper travel photo -journalist' ! Thank you . Eddie x
23rd January 2014

Such accolades!
Thx Eddie, such lovely comments, but it's pretty difficult to take a bad shot in places like this!! Only using a Canon point and shoot. No professional photo-journalist here! ;)
22nd January 2014

looks lonely
Looks like a very desolate place Sue, interesting landscapes but
23rd January 2014

Desolate yes, lonely no!!
Gail, I love these landscapes and I loved the fact we had the place to ourselves. I'm a bit selfish like that...... Saying that, couldn't live in this environment. Very harsh life, I would imagine.
14th December 2013

Sorry hav'nt been in touch for a while
Hi Treadie, Photos are great! My mother has been very sick, been down to Melbourne several times & going down for Xmas. She could have a Cardiac Arrest at any time. (weak heart) Have a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year! On On Wally xx
23rd December 2013

Merry Xmas Wal!
Hi Wal, Sorry to hear your Mum's unwell. Hope Xmas goes smoothly down in Melbourne. Apologies for the delay in responding, but internet way down here has been incredibly slow and I couldn't load my website to check it out! Here's to a fantastic 2014!!
13th December 2013

Salt & more salt
All you need now is a sack of lemons & a case of tequila oh and carton of panAdol. Have a Merry Christmas & a happy new year Vic
29th November 2013

Great eye for photographic impact !
Treadie Keep up your great work! Eddie Kuntfoo
23rd December 2013

Merry Xmas Dr Eddie!
Finally back in real Wifiland, so I can load my website!! Whooo! Hoo!! Thanks for the photo comment. Cold still with me- no echinacea and no rum, I'm afraid!!
25th November 2013

Have they got a salt mine!!! It looks fabulous and so do you love! XXXXXXX Spas
28th November 2013

Hi Spas
Actually they do harvest the salt, but not from there. On the Salar proper.

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