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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou December 1st 2014

…..a man is kneeling & kowtowing in the middle of a bike lane at a busy intersection near the Da Run Fa supermarket. On closer inspection he has an old woman, possibly his mother, wrapped in blankets, not looking particularly well, lying next to him, as the bikes dodge around them. When I ask if she is sick he just nods in affirmation so I give him the benefit of the doubt & put some money in his container. I also wonder, if the current Australian government starts winding back Medicare & people are reduced to similar methods, how long you'd be allowed to do this before being moved on..... …..progress isn't always what it's cracked up to be. As China lurches into the 21st century, sometimes way ahead of supposedly more advanced countries, sometimes hopelessly ... read more
Lunch Dongguan Jie Yangzhou
Sunset, East Yangzhou
Chen Yun's Concert

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Xinhua March 5th 2012

I have been teaching in a primary school where I am far away my home since I graduated from Taizhou teaching college.Let me introduce this school,please look these pictures!... read more
Children are leaving school!
my students

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University December 20th 2011

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR-2012. I WISH ALL OF YOU A YEAR, THAT WILL BE FILLED WITH THE REALIZATIONS OF ALL OF YOUR EXPECTATIONS. As I am approaching my 6th Christmas Holiday in China, let me wish my loving family, my dear friends, my special students and staff here at Taizhou Teachers College, my former students and collegues at Coral Gables Sr. H.S, at the University of Miami, and at Revere H.S in Mass. and all of the supportive followers of my TravelBlog a most wonderful Christmas, 2011 and a happy and healthy New Year, 2012. May you enjoy this Holiday Season with your families and friends in a festive spirit, sharing in each others lifes, while promoting the joys of this special time of the year. I am very grateful for ... read more
Christmas in my little home in China.
One of the two Christmas trees in my home.
Thought I would share my 1st Grade photo with you....

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou November 21st 2011

TAIZHOU CITY-SOUTH CHINA The new college I teach at is a smaller university in smallish city near where the old and new Grand Canal met the Yangtze River, north of Shanghai(3 hours away) Called ‘Taizhou’ in Jiangsu province. It is one of the many medium sized cities on the huge Shanghai delta and very flat and not on the tourist track. It does have parks around a ‘square waterway/canal area around the city centre and is OK for walking. Like everywhere else, the old is being pulled down and new high rise apartments replacing them, even in the city centre. Expanding into the countryside, new medical research /university centers are also going up everywhere. Before I left, new supermarkets seemed to be opening every weekend; just in time for Christmas. In spite of all the new ... read more
Map of Taizhou
centr of Taizhou
water ways

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou November 21st 2011

TAIZHOU TEACHERS COLLEGE The college is about 1 or 2 kilometers from centre of city in and OK area with some basic shops out the front with some water gardens and big fir trees inside. The apartment is close to the sports field and concert hall and is comfortable and livable; A bit like a ‘mini’ version of my last ‘mansion’ in Shaoxing. Most utilities work, with a few minor problems as is usual. ‘Not very good views in a quiet location, except for the unexpected fireworks. So altogether there will be 4 English speakers here; all old guys, three from Australia, one from America. I only have to teach about half the classes I was supposed to, so I have plenty of spare time. Our Welcoming Banquet was at the ‘number one’ 5 star hotel ... read more
my appartment front gate
view out front window
view out back window

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou May 24th 2011

These days I am so busy for graduation and adding Chinese Party,but most of importand I need to do my art exhibition!... read more
I am inviting foreign teacher to sign for me !
My freind big boy!
Photo 6

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Xinhua February 3rd 2011

Let me look back my former years !I have passed a year again!I wish my life will be better than before and my freinds ,classmates,family have heathy life! These were some photoes of germans visting our Art department for art mutual learning .We gave them many art works that we did personally!Today let us look back the paragraph memory!!! ... read more
She is teaching for this german girl!
http imgloadCA9JU2JD
He is drawing Chinese painting for the german school head!

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University January 1st 2011

The exhibition I konw it is not best ,but I will do better than before from today!I hope our classmates will do better for their major and future life!... read more
me and my work

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University January 1st 2011

I was so happy that I had this experience in tutoring primary scholar this summer in Shenlun, Xinghua Jiangsu ,China . When I looked at them I will recall my own childhood !They look so smart and lovely!I have lots of words want to write down,I miss lovely childhood!Just look at them and recall your childhood !... read more
A little girl is shy for taking picture!
Shenlun town

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Taizhou » Taizhou University December 30th 2010

I wish these works make you like!... read more
http imgloadCA761QW0

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