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March 21st 2011
Published: May 3rd 2011
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I had gotten here at roughly 6:00 am. the train ride was rather uneventful. Although it was at night. i had left the train station and proceeded to my hotel. The Ramada Inn, although, a little expensive but worth it. When i stayed at the Ramada Inn ZhengZhou the cost of a single night was about 450 rmb per night. The rooms were well prepared, and most of the people that worked here spoke relatively good English. They were very polite, and knowledgeable about the area. Also they have a Western style restaurant in the hotel. Which was very good and reasonably priced. The information you would need at the Ramada Inn, Weisan Road and Jingliu Road ZhengZhou, Henan, China tel (86 371) 69170666 email:
In Zhengzhou and surrounding area, there are many things to see and do. For example:
Er Qi Memorial Tower. the name means July Second, the square is located in the center of the downtown are of ZhengZhou, and is the busiest commercial area and even in Henan province. The Tower commemorates a strike that happened on July 2, 1923.
Dragon Pavilion is the main part of Dragon Pavilion Park in the North-West of Kaifeng City where 6 dynasties had their capitals.
Many imperial palaces reached the height of prosperity during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) most were destroyed through wars. Ming dynasty (1368-1644) mansions of the emperors son was established here with gardens. During the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), a hall was added, a place where the emperors tablets were placed, thus getting the name Dragon pavilion. It is a must see when you travel to Kaifeng.
Other places to see is Longmen Grottoes and Shaolin temple.

Moving on to my stay there. i had an enjoyable time in Zhengzhou, although, the friend i went to see after dropping me off at the hotel and having breakfast went back and never returned. Anyways, i just happened to have been there for the evening of the fireworks. the celebration of the Chinese New Year, to see how enjoyable it was. how it overtook some of the people. Similar to our New Years Ever celebrations back home. The people were amazing, selling fireworks well into the night people walking by, buying them almost on every major street corner. There was this one instance, where i was outside watching the fireworks, and members of the hotel staff were taking part in the festivities. There was this one firecracker looking thing, that when lit everyone near it ran back before it exploded, and it did. When it did exploded, it sounded like a gunshot, sounded similar to a 12 gauge shotgun. A loud explosion. It was very fun to watch and be a part of the festivities. All in all, ladies and gentlemen, although most of my time there was spent writing and thinking, I also toured around the city seeing the splendors that this city held. Yes, this city has some good scenic spots, I would recommend this city as a place to visit. Two days after the festival of lights, i had left to go to Yancheng in Jiangsu to visit an old friend of mine. then proceeded to go to Nanjing.

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20th May 2011

N ice trip and nice pic...i hope can go someday XD

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