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February 20th 2011
Published: February 21st 2011
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What can i say about Nanjing? A beautiful city with a long history. The former capital of China and the provincial capital of Jaingsu province. Nanjing has always been one of China's most important cities. It served as the capital of China during several historical periods and is recognized as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Nanjing was the capital of the Republic of China before the Chinese Civil War in 1949. Nanjing was also the capital of six dynasties, now is the provincial capital of Jaingsu province.
I arrived in Nanjing at roughly 4 o'clock in the afternoon. After i got off the bus and proceeded to the street. I was a little overwhelmed, due to the sheer amount of people, mostly taxi drivers and people come to and leaving the bus station. To the left was a McDonald's where i agreed to meet my friend and guide in Nanjing for the next few days. My friend brought me to the hotel which she had found. Jinjiang Hotel. add. No 16 Jiannig rd (N), Nanjing, Jiangsu phone number (086) 025-85501508
The room was rather nice, even though she didn't really like it. I found it comfortable and suiting my needs. A bed, washroom, a table to put my laptop and of course internet access. There was also a love seat which i didn't use. After a short rest, Margaret and I went to Confucius temple, A nice place filled with shops, with bustling people. This being during the Spring festival of course. As you can see by the photos i have attached, the view was amazing. There was this elderly man making candy out of melted sugar, I must admit it looked amazing, a lot of patience which i don't really have to do something that beautiful. After that we walked around slowly to find a nice place to eat. The dinner was fine, of course i received some stares because i am a foreigner, most of the people that stared were either children or the elderly. We eventually caught the bus back to my hotel, she went home for the evening tired like I was from a busy day of sightseeing. The following day I awoke early, and showered awaiting my friend for the next stop in the tour of this infamous city. The crown jewel of Jiangsu province. This day after a brief breakfast at KFC, we boarded a bus to go to the Sun Yet-Sen Mausoleum, a person to my own surprise is the only person that both the people in Taiwan and Mainland China respect. This sprawling area not only had the mausoleum, but many other things there also, unfortunately we didn't have enough time to see it all that day. In some ways it was a good thing, because it gives me something to see on my return visit. Sun Yet-Sen, a Chinese doctor, is considered the foremost pioneer of the Nationalist China. He is referred to as the founding father of Republican China. Sun was the first leader of the Post-Imperial China; he remains an unique figure among 20th Century Chinese politicians for being widely revered amongst its people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. His mausoleum is situated at the foot of the second peak of Mount Zijin (purple mountain). On the way down from seeing Sun Yet-Sen, which i found it rather disappointing, not the actual view from the mount the beauty of it all. But waiting in line for close to an hour, to enter a room and see a statue of him, and that was it. After we had seen it, we had left and proceeded to return the way we had came. Which we ended up taking the wrong way back and inadvertently gotten lost. took us some time before we found our way back to the bus stop. We speak much on the ride back, due to being tired from all the walking. We had dinner and proceeded to our respected areas of rest. to prepare for the following say. Which i must say is a whole other story entirely. A real eye opener for those who are not prepared for it. That days adventure will be the topic of the next blog. Enjoy

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