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March 30th 2016
Published: April 4th 2016
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Junpo is a traditional event in Hainan could date back more than a 1000 years, and it can be find almost the whole year round in different region of the island. But the most happening period should be between Lunar January and March, in the well known township for the Junpo are Dingan, Tunan and Xionghai, located at the northern part of Hainan. What is Junpo? well...let's look at it similar to the Saint's Day in the western world, here every village worship their own deity, local fairy or historic hero, so the subject are really wild and need some imagination, could be the Northern King, a fierce General, a duke, a prince or a princess, no wondered you will see so many characters in different statues in Junpo event. On Junpo day, nearby village will parade their own statue and gather in front of the temple of the host village, people would come to give their offerings, lite up incense and paper gold, together with the non-stop fire cracker, stinging eye in choking air most of the time. The main event in Junpo is to imitating the scene of army lineup, assigning striker of the troop before setting out to war. But...in a very interesting way! All in a sudden people possessed by spirit will jump out in front of the shrine, shaking in crazy movement, once the chief shaman tied a the red headband and assign their position, one after one they will setting out and parade through the town with their group, dispelled evil and accepting offering while left a trail of red paper shred carpet along the way. the most stunning scene are pierce a long rod through the cheek, some are more than 3 meter long. this act was kind of proof the power of the possessed spirit. with the hurray and cheer from the gathering crowd, and the welcoming banknote checker once the rod pierce through, pain or no pain...who care! The scale of the Junpo are depend on the participate of the community, a banquet for the visiting relatives and friend are a must, mostly will organise one or two Hainan opera show as well. I saw 5 different Junpo in this Hainan trip. all are in the same procedure, so you visit one...you see all! but I do enjoy more when Junpo in the village, more simple and less people. with nowaday everyone had a phone camera, the elbowing force are great on the front line, it was rather difficult to took a good shot of the on going event with the crowd pressing in all direction.

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5th April 2016

Looks like an interesting festival.
7th April 2016

well...the festival also rather easy catch as it keep happening for a long period in Hainan Island.
17th April 2016
one of the many different statue

So strange. Yours photos are so good

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