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Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou July 8th 2017

Hi All, Summer holidays are here again. It's great to visit Wenchang again. Little has changed, although the road has now been concreted, which made for a smooth ride to the hotel. We stayed in one of the wooden bungalows for ¥167 and the place, during the week, was almost empty. The beach is really beautiful with really fine white sand. However, the sea was not the best. I cut my foot on some sharp coral rock and as I was sitting at the water's edge a condom went floating by and I also found a broken bottle, so sandals would be a good idea. It was a very relaxing four days just lying around reading and listening to music. Enjoy the photos. Jah Bless ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan April 22nd 2017

Seasoned travelers? Pickled more like. We sit gaping at one another. We had arisen shockingly early to catch the bullet train from Sanya to Meilan Airport, Haikou except this one was not stopping at the airport. We had checked on the website as best as we were able but obviously had not got the information correct. If we had asked when we picked up the tickets….. So were we able to get back to the airport from Haikou in time to catch our flight to Xian? The conductor wrote out the times for us and after waiting twenty agonising minutes to buy tickets we made the train and our flight where we were rushed through check-in . A not so stressless end to a quiet week spent in the town of Tianya about twenty-five kilometres west ... read more
The best squid lunch ever!
Fish, fish, fish

Asia » China » Hainan March 30th 2016

Junpo is a traditional event in Hainan could date back more than a 1000 years, and it can be find almost the whole year round in different region of the island. But the most happening period should be between Lunar January and March, in the well known township for the Junpo are Dingan, Tunan and Xionghai, located at the northern part of Hainan. What is Junpo? well...let's look at it similar to the Saint's Day in the western world, here every village worship their own deity, local fairy or historic hero, so the subject are really wild and need some imagination, could be the Northern King, a fierce General, a duke, a prince or a princess, no wondered you will see so many characters in different statues in Junpo event. On Junpo day, nearby village will ... read more
one of the many different statue

Asia » China » Hainan January 15th 2016

I arrived to this Island after a long trip by train at night I stayed for few days in the capital city of Haikou situated north of Hainan Island. Hainan means literally "South of the Sea" I have been travelling for a few months in China and when I am in a big city, especially in the developing countries, I try to discover the most unattractive place for the tourists, that is not marked on the map, so that I can immerse myself in the daily routine of the life of the local people which is, in a way, the essence of my travels. I was walking down a street in the city and saw a few people with some loads of goods and I started to follow them until I got into a local busy ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou January 4th 2016

Wow, the plane tickets are so cheap. From Nanning to Haioku only 300 RMB. I'd love to take a boat from Beihai or Zhanjiang, but if you don't have time, this is OK. The flight lasts only one hour… Haikou: main city. We only passed it, really. It's like Nanning, »the construction site«, traffic, fog, well, at least it was now. If you are looking for local snacks, you'd rather find them in Wenchan, which is the cradle of Hainan culture. Lingshui: small town next to the sea. Li national minority. Swimming? Well, possible, but… not so much. This is where the patterns start to appear: Hainan means greenery, unused fields, bays with functioning or, well, not functioning tourist projects. Interesting: original settlers came here from Guangxi and Guangdong thousands of years ago; they've belonged to ... read more
Selling starts at 6 in the morning. Can't go to work without it.
A bit bitter.
The oldest hotel in Lingshui, now a sanctuary for poor man's prostitutes.

Asia » China » Hainan » Sanya October 10th 2015

1. September: Dieser Tag war unglaublich anstrengend. Nicht weil ich soviel getan habe, aber weil ich den ganzen Tag über das gleiche getan habe. Da ich ja jetzt der foreign coordinator war musste ich mit April zusammen die zehn fehlenden Freiwilligen aus ganz China vom Flughafen abholen. Wir sind also mit dem Bus auf das Flughafengelände gefahren und haben uns auf dem Terminal für Ankünfte positioniert. Die erste Freiwillige ist um halb drei angekommen und der letzte um 22 Uhr. Wir haben jeden neuen Freiwilligen zur Bushaltestelle begleitet und exakt den Weg zum Hotel erklärt, da die Bushaltestelle, direkt vor der Haustüre lag. Nach dem wir zusammen mit dem letzten Freiwilligen zurück gefahren sind habe ich mich auch glücklich in mein Bett geworfen. 2. September: Heute war der Tag gekommen, an dem wir auf das Dorf ... read more
Das schwimmende Fischerdorf
Der gesamte Komplex

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou September 30th 2015

29. September: An dieser Stelle werde ich eine ewig lange Fahrt schildern, deren Highlights ausschließlich in der Art und Weise des Transports, sowie den Zielen liegen. Um 7:50 war ich pünktlich, wie es sich für einen Deutschen gehört, an dem Greenway Haus um mich mit meiner Koordinatorin April zu treffen. Aber mit losfahren war es dann erstmal nichts und statt den Bus zu nehmen, wurden wir dann gefahren und haben auf dem Weg noch ein paar andere Freiwillige aufgegabelt, die auch zum Bahnhof mussten. Der Zug ging um halb zehn und die eben erwähnten Freiwilligen sind noch mit uns zusammen nach Guilin gefahren. Der Zug war einer der berüchtigten Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge und mit 200 km/h waren wir schon nach einer halben Stunde da. In Guilin angekommen trennten sich aber unsere Wege, denn sie sind vom gleichen Bahnhof ... read more
Reis Rollen
Old Street

Asia » China » Hainan » Sanya March 1st 2015

Becky and I spent our Chinese Spring Festival holiday around Sanya, Hainan Province. Hainan is the largest Chinese island and is located off the coast of northern Vietnam. The Chinese nickname Hainan the “Chinese Hawaii.” I think it’s actually more like the “Chinese Florida” because there are thousands (millions? Hard to say, really!) of retired people (mostly from Dong Bei = China’s Northwest) who spend their winters along the coastline somewhere between Haikou and Sanya. We were actually meeting Becky’s parents in Sanya. They live in Xinjiang Province where temperatures often drop below -20 degrees Celsius so they were delighted to spend a month on the beach. Becky and I only had 12 days off (which is actually a long holiday according to Chinese standards) but it was enough time to visit the area around Sanya, ... read more
Good life! in Sanya
Selling Betel nuts in Hainan
Kung Fu fighting in Hainan!

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou February 26th 2015

The island of Hainan has quite a history. What was once a penal colony for political rivals of the Emperor is now a resort get-away for mainland Chinese. This island is nick-named Coconut Island and is noted for its balmy weather even in the winter. Hainan boasts the highest longevity rate of all of China and also has the cleanest air. Considering the deadly smog that blankets much of this huge country, perhaps those two facts might be inter-related. To go ashore, it was necessary to book a tour to satisfy Chinese Immigration procedures. So we booked the Historical Haikou tour for a half-day overview of the city. Unfortunately during the Cultural Revolution, almost all of the historical monuments and temples were destroyed by the Mao zealots. So we visited what remained of these sites. Kevin, ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Boao July 9th 2014

Hi All, I travelled onto the east coast of Hainan to Bo'ao. It is home to the Bo'ao Asian Forum, a meeting of officials, academics and economists from all over Asia. After dropping my bags off at the hotel I went off for a walk around. There are some really pretty little villages almost in Bo'ao itself. Again it's strange seeing the Chinese style in this setting. I then went off to the beach where I saw an incident. There were some guys swimming in the sea, quite near to the beach, when I first arrived. I went for a little stroll further up the beach and was sat looking over the ocean. I could then hear some cries and as I looked over to my right i could see these two guys crying for help ... read more

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