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Asia » China » Hainan » Sanya March 1st 2015

Becky and I spent our Chinese Spring Festival holiday around Sanya, Hainan Province. Hainan is the largest Chinese island and is located off the coast of northern Vietnam. The Chinese nickname Hainan the “Chinese Hawaii.” I think it’s actually more like the “Chinese Florida” because there are thousands (millions? Hard to say, really!) of retired people (mostly from Dong Bei = China’s Northwest) who spend their winters along the coastline somewhere between Haikou and Sanya. We were actually meeting Becky’s parents in Sanya. They live in Xinjiang Province where temperatures often drop below -20 degrees Celsius so they were delighted to spend a month on the beach. Becky and I only had 12 days off (which is actually a long holiday according to Chinese standards) but it was enough time to visit the area around Sanya, ... read more
Good life! in Sanya
Selling Betel nuts in Hainan
Kung Fu fighting in Hainan!

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou February 26th 2015

The island of Hainan has quite a history. What was once a penal colony for political rivals of the Emperor is now a resort get-away for mainland Chinese. This island is nick-named Coconut Island and is noted for its balmy weather even in the winter. Hainan boasts the highest longevity rate of all of China and also has the cleanest air. Considering the deadly smog that blankets much of this huge country, perhaps those two facts might be inter-related. To go ashore, it was necessary to book a tour to satisfy Chinese Immigration procedures. So we booked the Historical Haikou tour for a half-day overview of the city. Unfortunately during the Cultural Revolution, almost all of the historical monuments and temples were destroyed by the Mao zealots. So we visited what remained of these sites. Kevin, ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Boao July 9th 2014

Hi All, I travelled onto the east coast of Hainan to Bo'ao. It is home to the Bo'ao Asian Forum, a meeting of officials, academics and economists from all over Asia. After dropping my bags off at the hotel I went off for a walk around. There are some really pretty little villages almost in Bo'ao itself. Again it's strange seeing the Chinese style in this setting. I then went off to the beach where I saw an incident. There were some guys swimming in the sea, quite near to the beach, when I first arrived. I went for a little stroll further up the beach and was sat looking over the ocean. I could then hear some cries and as I looked over to my right i could see these two guys crying for help ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Sanya July 9th 2014

Hi All, A bit of a trek out of Sanya, a couple of hours, but well worth it for the unbelievable view. Ok so the village is stinky and dirty, but hey it's a fishing village. I walked along the harbour, which is full of house boats and fishing vessels with huge arc lamps on them, and out towards the mouth of the harbour and just sat under the coconut trees watching the boats go in and out. It must be the bluest sky and sea I think I have ever seen. Really beautiful. I did make a bit of a mistake in Lingshui. to come back to Sanya I flagged down a bus which did go to Sanya but it managed to stop in every town and village along the way. It took forever, well ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Sanya July 9th 2014

Hi All, You cannot get much more south in China than Sanya. This is the premier beach resort in China. The Chinese Hawaii, well not quite. To get some peace and quiet I took a 45 minute bus ride out of the city to Houhai. There are lots of Chinese tourists just as you get to the village but don't let this put you off. They are all going out to an island in the bay. Keep walking through the village and you come to the sea. I walked along the beautiful empty beach until I came to a sign saying military area. There was a sentry box with a soldier inside and he came out with his shield and truncheon so I sat down on the beach and stayed there with the soldier watching me. ... read more

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou June 25th 2014

Hi All, A cool 14 hour train ride from Guangzhou to Haikou. It was OK as I had a bed so I slept a good part of it. The coolest part of the journey was when they put the train on the ferry. I had a really relaxing few days here in Haikou. Although it is the provincial capital it has very much a small city feel with really chaotic traffic and markets and rubbish. I spend a great day on holiday beach and spent the other days relaxing and reading. On my last day I went to visit a temple. There's something strange about the Chinese architecture in this tropical setting. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more
Beach (1)
Five Lords Temple (9)
Five Lords Temple (16)

Asia » China » Hainan » Sanya March 24th 2014

Thursday March 20th, left Hong Kong for an hour and 30 min plane ride to Sanya China. Sanya is located on the Southern Tip of China and is the Florida/ Arizona of China. I stayed at The Renaissance Hotel. Beautiful hotel, it is isolated and about 50 minutes from the airport and 40 minutes from downtown Sanya. If you are new to traveling to China, I highly recommend you hire a driver who speaks english and book tours. The locals at the resort speak limited English and when hailing taxi's or in downtown china besides Hello or Bye Bye there is no English. Or start brushing up on your Mandarin :) .. The goal of this holiday was to see more of Asia and to just relax and enjoy the sun and beach. I did make ... read more
cucumber martini

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou August 24th 2013

New photos on: … can rely on the Chinese to introduce words into English that were previously lacking, like the “excursing” in the title, from a shopfront on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen, in Fujian province. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This short account covers the whole 2 months of the summer break, the Summer Camp at the school, a visit to see a now pregnant Miss Piggy, a trip to tropical Hainan island & another to Xiamen. I return to Yangzhou to find the incredible illuminated roof on the nearby Canal City Convention Cent... read more
Summer Camp
Summer Camp, Phoenix Island
Miss Piggy and the In Laws

Asia » China » Hainan » Haikou August 10th 2013

Saturday, 10th August 2013 Travel is more than just a holiday. It's a journey of experience where you leave your comfort zone and prejudices. - Vinny Kuah (My Journeys of Discovery) I was up before 540am this morning in order to catch the first glimpse of sunlight over Haitang Bay. I was happy to sacrifice that few moments of sleep in exchange for the exceptional view by the beach. There were a couple of other early birds as well. Some were armed with their DSLRs. Others just wanted to have a good time as we welcomed the very first rays of light over the horizon. The morning breeze over the peaceful Haitang Bay had a calming effect on the body and soul. Breakfast was still a wonderful encounter this morning even though we noticed that the ... read more
Another peaceful day ahead
Haikou skyline from Evergreen Park
Customs House, Haikou

Asia » China » Hainan » Sanya August 9th 2013

Friday, 9th August 2013 The countryside was decked with beautiful shades of green which most visitors would not have the time to linger on since they would be heading straight to the beaches. Breakfast at the Red Star Café this morning was an unforgettable experience. The huge restaurant was decorated in traditional Chinese furnishings with dark rosewood interiors overlooking the resort's infinity pool. The spread was enormous with a good mix of Asian and Western staples. Eggs Benedict was a surprise find at the cooking station available in both Hainanese and traditional versions. The only tourist facility that we visited during our two nights in Sanya was the Nanshan Temple, part of the sprawling Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone. This was about 60km from where we stayed along the southern coast of Hainan Island. The landmark of ... read more
Beautiful Haitang Bay
Be a Star @ Red Star Cafe

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