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May 22nd 2014
Published: May 22nd 2014
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21.5.14. Mingguan

Destination: MINGGUAN

Distance: 137.5. Kms SubT. 512.5. Bal. 11,852.5 Kms. Road Condition: 95 % v good Weather: fine v. Hot 37.7+

Time in Saddle: 6 hrs Av Speed: av 23 kph. Av Cadence 75 rpm

Elevation: 561 M up; 538 M down

Calories burned. 4841

Left hotel at 7.30, after an ordinary breakfast, pleasingly supplemented by purchased bananas, for the long wind out of Nanjing. 22 Kms before we reached clear road. In the process crossed over the Yangtze River, bridge width was 3.8kms. Air was thickly polluted, so it was difficult to see the ships traversing the water ways.

Other than pollution, the other item that is a standout, is all the construction, road work is all over, high rise towers by the score are being constructed, and there are thousands of cars and hundreds of thousands of motor scooters, cycles, etc. the scary thing about the scooters is that they run on battery and are therefore whisper quiet, so seemingly sneak up on you. You need to be ever vigilant to the driving behaviour.

The scenery was of fields of no great beauty.

The day was very hot, over 37.7 ( 100F) for much of the day. It zapped my energy and enthusiasm.


Destination: MENCHENG

Distance: 160 Kms SubT. 672 Kms Bal. 11,692.5 Kms Road Condition: highway 90% G

Weather: Fine hot 34C

Time in Saddle: 6.5 hrs Av Speed: av. 25 kph. Av Cadence 77 rpm

Elevation: 312 m up; 302 M down

Calories burned : 5,587

Today was a long, long medium hot day largely on highway, surrounded by huge trucks and buses, farm machinery, fast cars and the ubiquitous motor scooter in the towns. Scenery was largely drab, although we did pass through many Kms of rice fields where the plant looked ready for harvesting, which looked appealing. Different to SE Asia, as the rice was planted under large acreage making it more economical, I presume, to farm.

It was very dusty from road and development work. The pace of construction is astounding.

Smog was thick. Still haven't seen the sun directly. Still burns though!

Poor breakfast, which may account for why I found the day difficult. Lunch at 10 helped, but I think I was already zapped. Came good as we were arriving at hotel. The thought of a shower and beer had a miraculous effect. The beer is only 2.2% which is great. Any stronger would probably put me on my head.

The city streets are wide and dusty. Shopping looks basic so far. Hotel is great, the police wouldn't allow the group to stay at first hotel. As it sounded a dive, good job POLICE. The check in process at hotels is generally laborious. Passport recording is all by hand. Where the hotel attempted a scan, it failed. Numerous staff work check in, but very slow.

Found a CarreFoure Supermarket across the road. Purchased 2 chicken drumsticks, chips and a bun. Delicious. Bananas for the morning. The food at the hotels has been generally disappointing.


22nd May 2014

Hi a Roger. Do great to get these updates. Really descriptive and helps set the scene. Can't believe the Yangtze River crossing was 3.8kn wide - amazing. AG x
22nd May 2014

Glad to hear you found some decent food from the supermarket!! Bet you were hungry!!! The weight must be dropping off! Enjoy the great hotel!!
23rd May 2014

Bike Ride Update
Thanks for the update! Sounds like you need to keep up the intake of calories to have in supply for each day as it sounds like it's pretty hot! I did hear that a large number of scooters are electric now in China, good job China, but really as it seems still tonnes of smog and pollution from all the other seemingly unregulated/monitored business'? Great wether here today, blue sky and yes you can see the sun! Stae of Origin here next week on Wednesday the 28th. I will let you know the score. I am personally not interested, but always good that QLD beats NSW! Other than that, just busy with Segway! have fun & take care. Cheers Brett, Annette, Mia & Ana
1st June 2014

Have caught up with your blogs sitting in the garden having a cup of tea. May go for a gentle 25 mile cycle later. What with the heat , hills , dust , winds , food , accommodation , pedestrians and distances I think you are doing incredibly well . The places you are cycling through must be giving you a real insight into the country. Amazing .
1st June 2014

Hi P, what it has made me think is that we are so lucky to live where we do. Have seen nothing so far which we could encourage to relocate! The beer is refreshing though. Surprisingly tea is not served at meals with any regularity. Have thought on the hills that you would scoot up them remembering Sri Lanka. Apparently the hills begin in Ernest shortly, as does the camping. Cheers roger

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