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Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili July 30th 2019

Hi All, MaTang is a tiny village outside of KaiLi. The people that live there the GeJia are a very small ethnic minority who are not recognised by the Chinese government. The Gejia are known for making batik cloth. Getting there is fairly easy. Take a bus to LongChang from the local bus station and the driver will stop and point you in the right direction. To return just get back to the main road and wave down any bus going back to Kaili. When we got off the bus a local GeJia lady accompanied us to the village and took us to her home and showed us how she made the batik material. She had made a beautiful coat, the one I'm wearing in the photo, so I bought it from her. There isn't much ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili July 30th 2019

Hi All, these villages are so easy to get to. I often marvel at the efficient public transport system that exists here in China. Today we caught the bus from the Long Distance bus station. The bus drops you off outside the village as you have to buy a ticket, 50 rmb for non Chinese, and then you can either walk, which we chose to do, or pay another 5 rmb and take the sightseeing car. The walk to the village is lovely along a river of crystal clear water in which the local kids were all cooling off from the intense heat. When we arrived at the village proper we were just too late to see the cultural show which they put on twice daily but at least we got to see all the locals ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili April 14th 2018

We came back to Guiyang for a break, the weather was cold and rainy, a perfect day to visit a museum. Guizhou Provincial Museum opened its new rendition last year with it’s gigantic and modern looking building. it has an amazing digital displays of ‘Colorful Guizhou’ deciphering the cultural and customs of Guizhou‘s many minority groups. I especially enjoyed watching the video clips of the ‘Non-material heritage inheritors’ - a designated title for the master crafters in each specific fields. I never realize the complicated progress involved in turning a piece of wood into a exquisite lacquerware, nor the art of batik or weaving an intricate bird cage. There is so much we can learn from these masters. The whole second floor is dedicated to the customs, the silver headdresses and festival wardrobe of different ethnic ... read more
Guiyang’s new museum, don’t miss it
Zimo is fascinated with the butterfly
a place for children to play

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili June 1st 2015

Sister Meal Festival in Shidong Province in Southern China 1 – 4 May 2015 So after 3 nights in the Trade Point Hotel in Guiyang, and seeing, in and around the region, we were met by our new guide Jonathan who was to take us to see the Miao and Dong people who are 2 of the minority groups in southern China. The reason we came to China at this time of the year was to attend the Sister Meal Festival in Shidong, over 200kms due east of Guiyang. The region is called the Qiandongnan Miao & Dong Autonomous Prefecture. This is a festival where young men select a new bride. If the girl is not interested in the man she will give him multi coloured rice and chillies and brown chop sticks. If she is ... read more
Sister Meal Festival at Shindong a Miao people village in Miao and Dong Province southern China (89)
Sister Meal Festival at Shindong a Miao people village in Miao and Dong Province southern China (1)
Sister Meal Festival at Shindong a Miao people village in Miao and Dong Province southern China (21)

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili May 22nd 2014

21.5.14. Mingguan Destination: MINGGUAN Distance: 137.5. Kms SubT. 512.5. Bal. 11,852.5 Kms. Road Condition: 95 % v good Weather: fine v. Hot 37.7+ Time in Saddle: 6 hrs Av Speed: av 23 kph. Av Cadence 75 rpm Elevation: 561 M up; 538 M down Calories burned. 4841 Left hotel at 7.30, after an ordinary breakfast, pleasingly supplemented by purchased bananas, for the long wind out of Nanjing. 22 Kms before we reached clear road. In the process crossed over the Yangtze River, bridge width was 3.8kms. Air was thickly polluted, so it was difficult to see the ships traversing the water ways. Other than pollution, the other item that is a standout, is all the construction, road work is all over, high rise towers by the score are being constructed, and there are thousands of cars ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili February 23rd 2013

Day 4 Kaili Our final day out with Mr Wee was to be shorter then the previous two - mainly because we had to travel two hours by local bus late that afternoon to the capitol city of Guizhou Province, Guiyang, in order to overnight there as we had a very early flight from Guiyang to Chengdu the next day. Our first stop was in the village of Matang, home to the minority group the Geija, famed for their bright orange embroideries and fine batik prints. The Chinese Government consider the Geija people part of the Miao culture - they however consider themselves to be an independent minority and are fighting to be recognised as a separate and culturally rich group. The village was similar to most that we had visited as in the houses were ... read more
Traditional headwear from Matang
Fine batiks from the village of Matang
Window in house in Matang

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili February 22nd 2013

Day Three in Kaili. On our third day out with Mr Wee we were heading to the Shidong markets, one of the largest markets in the Kaili region. The market is held in a small riverside town on the riverside shingle, under the span of the long bridge. We left early and an hour later we arrived in the traffic jam of minibuses and motorbikes around Shidong. As we were getting closer to the town we stopped to watch a wedding party. Again all the men were waiting outside a group of houses, the yard full of low round tables covered with the soon to be consumed feast. The bride and all the female members of her family were walking down the road towards the group of men. That day all the women, including the bride, ... read more
Traditional indigo embroidered tunic
Yet another costume
Countryside on the way to Shidong

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili February 21st 2013

Day 2 in Kaili It had rained heavily during the night but day two of our trip around the Kaili dawned clear but it was very cold as we headed out to meet Mr Wee. Today we were driving to the remote village of Fanpai - over two hours drive from Kaili. For the first forty minutes or so we were never far away from the huge highway towering above us until eventually we moved further inland passing tiny villages tucked into valleys before we stopped in a very muddy street in a small town full of newly built cement block, white tile covered buildings where Mr Wee suggested that we stocked up on something for lunch as there would be no food available in Fanpai. Thankfully we had already done so the previous evening as ... read more
Lovely face
Wedding party
Terraces on the drive to Fanpai

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili April 24th 2012

I’ve combined these two days, as really, our 23rd day was spent on the road doing the 630 km to Xingyi. Really not to much to report. The landscapes were not so spectacular, but I guess that thus far we have truly been spoilt. We passed through Kunming, which on the surface looked like just another grimy big city. Then heading to Xingyi where we observed the numerous pyramid type hills dotting the landscape. Nothing to report from Xingyi, yet another new town that is popping up in the valleys. The following day started off with a piano recital by two team members on the hotel lobby’s baby grand, then we hit the road to Kaili stopping to see the Huanggoushu Waterfall, said to be in the top six in China. Beautiful, yes, but after Jyuzhaigou ... read more
On the road to Kaili
Huangguoshu Waterfall
Huangguoshu Waterfall

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili January 21st 2012

I do like traditional folk songs. But I didn’t think I like the folk songs in this area. I prefer the songs in northwest of China, which seems more powerful and primitive. Songs in Guizhou’s minority groups are more resonant by high pitch. I used to think it is a little bit ear-piercing when I listened through TV. But I completed changed my mind when I enjoyed the live performance in Xiaohuang, a small ‘Dong’ village which is famous by its songs. I was late. Every year there is a big singing competition from 13rd to 15th August according to Luna calendar. In that day, many choruses from ‘Dong’ villages come there to compete. It is not a formal competition. The key point mostly focuses on the fun. It is a big party for these ‘Dong’ ... read more
Happy childhood
farming song

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