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May 19th 2010
Published: May 19th 2010
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Headlining at FeitzHeadlining at FeitzHeadlining at Feitz

I have officially made it to the top...of the bottom. Introducing "Clare and the Harry Potters"
A lot of things need to be said in this post as I have seriously dropped the ball this last month. I have been putting together my students' oral examinations and trying to get next year's contract signed so I can get my new Visa before I leave China. I have been spending a lot of time lately with people who have made it clear that they will be staying in Guilin next year. There have been birthday parties, and I have performed (a number of times at various venues). Above all, there have been "ladies' weekends" to Yangshuo. Our last trip didn't end as happily as I had hoped. I must have had a spider or some other kind of insect in my bed because when I woke up I was covered in bites, and my left eye was swollen shut. It was entirely unbecoming. I had to watch (although my vision was a bit blurred) as my face got puffier and puffier. In hopes of curing me of my soreness...and neuroticism, my neighbor who is studying Chinese medicine performed "electro-acupuncture." That is when they stick you with needles, then clamp on lots of little jumper-cables and watch you twitch
Yangshuo-Night outYangshuo-Night outYangshuo-Night out

A few of the girls and I celebrating our beer-pong failures.
for half an hour. After the initial prick it didn't really hurt, it just felt very strange. I could feel my muscles contracting every second from small jolts of electricity. My friend also recommended that I cut meat from my diet (at least temporarily) to help my body cleanse itself. I don't know if that is a reflection of his personal dietary preferences, or if it will actually help. I haven't eaten meat in 4 days...which is a long time for me. I will finish out the week, and then I will try to keep my meat consumption to only 2-3 meals a week.

I have inherited high blood pressure and a love of salty food from my father, so I want to be more attentive to the things I eat (especially here).

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The EyeThe Eye
The Eye

Courtesy of some tropical insect.

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