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8th March 2010

hey clare!!! i just realized you have a blog! i'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your time in China and am soooo jealous that you got to experience more than i..haha. i'm especially surprise that you like food such as octupus and tongues! have you tried pig ears??? you have to email me! miss you!!!!
6th March 2010

Reading this brought back hilarious memories of your father singing Rihanna's "Umbrella" song while we were at the Iowa State Fair in the pouring rain last year. How awesome that your parents came to see you; there will be no visitors for me in Italy :( I keep getting bits of stories from Grant, who tells me that they had an amazing time. You and I will have to (finally) go shopping and swap stories when we are both home. Miss you!
6th March 2010

hi :)
Hey Clare! I love the full-color image. I hope China is going well for you, everything sounds fantastic!
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28th February 2010

day 1 of your excursion with your folks.
wow. great. so was this a journal entry, or are you now re-capping your trip ? now, i think i see some links, perhaps that is more from your travels with your folks..... I have not talked with your mom and dad yet, but know they are home. grandma leaves tomorrow for florida. we will be in touch, and take care. love you annie
26th February 2010

Go for it!
Totally cool with me Robbie...just toss my name out there. Budding journalists love being sourced. :)
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10th February 2010

wow this is an awesome description of the cave party!!! i kind of want to use this on CLI's website, is that ok??
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5th February 2010

It's on... pick your KTV spot wisely for the March visit. Hope you're enjoying your time off, Clare!
24th January 2010

woo hoo
sounds like fun, clare. I am sure they were all mezmerized by your beautiful voice, and I can't wait to hear you sing it! Tonight we are hosting your folks here for dinner, grant and the girls will be here and grandma too. We are planning to eat about 4:30 early our time, but it is a school night, your folks need to wrap up a bunch of stuff, i am sure, too. how excited we all are for all of you! Perhaps after icecream we will give you a skype.. I have finally learned that they do this on wed. and sun.... sorry to miss you the last time around.... anyway, i am sure you are counting the days.... take care, and perhaps we will see you tonight on skype, you karoke girlie, you!!! love, aunt annie
24th January 2010

for protecting the tree and keeping them warm in the cold winter
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19th January 2010

Things have been good back here in the states. I've been working a lot... I'm trying to get the real estate thing up and running again. Its hard to make it on your own but I'm sure you know that better then me. I'm sure its tough sometimes to be alone but your have an experience that none of us have ever had. I hope the kids arnt giving you to much hell. I was an ED major, so if you need any advice feel free to ask. Cya Z
12th January 2010

our fav. oranges are manderin
hey. dave likes in full color. willis, didn't respond. I like black and white, but I see that there is so much more with the color given the choice. There is something about b and w that makes the viewer IMAGINE//// ok... skype time. but also have to get the kids down for bed.... so conflicted. love you. auntie a
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12th January 2010

hey, clare b. dang... I can't wait to show this to emma. I can see her doing something similar to what you are doing, and certainly can see her doing the creatifve writing like you. thanks for the blogs.. I love reading them in the late and sometimes wee hours..... I am so happy you are able to have this opportunity, as I am sure you are as well. Just spoke with your folks... they are lining up lynn to care for your cats, your folks home..... getting closer, and i know you are soooooo looking forward to seeing them THERE with you.... cooooooooool. might try to skype you now I am soooo excited for all of you. love aunt annie
10th January 2010

wow. cool pictures. WILD new you with your new locks!!! Funny, I also got a haircut (shouldn't that be hairscut?). And new and different for me, but not that different!!! Tell me, how is the maintenence of your hair? does it take long to keep it they way they cut it???? I know your parents are getting excited about coming to see you. I need to get together with your mom to see what their itinerary is.. She has told me bits, however, I need a map in front of me. HOW VERY EXCITING for all of you. I like your idea about traveling with kelly..... splendid idea, in my opinion. i have to get going to read...emma and I have bookclub. but wanted to say hi.. one of these evenings I will skype you again. i am sure your parents have told you.. we have had bitter weather, and more snow than I can ever remember... but that is ok... kids bundle up and sled our hi;ll; and come in for hot chocolate. I have been xc skiing all over. LOTS of fun. love your way, my dear clare. aunt annie
10th January 2010

You found me.
I'm not too bad. I have good and bad days. The holidays were a bit rough. I have never spent a Christmas by myself. How is life back home. I haven't heard anything from you in almost 5 months.
8th January 2010

Well Well well Clare looks like all is going well. I hope you are enjoying yourself :)... Z
4th January 2010

Enjoy your Blogs
We really enjoy the stories of your China adventure(s). You have a real talent for bringing us to China with you. That college major is showing. I'm sorry you weren't here for the Christmas Season. But think your folks missed you even more. I'm so pleased they are going to spend almost a month with you. It will be a great trip for them in addition to spending time with you. Wish we could all take turns coming to see you. We tell our friends about your Blogs. In fact, we print everything and have all of them in a three-ring binder. Know we love you, Clare, and include you in our prayers. Love, Grampa and Marilyn.
29th November 2009

good smells.
looks like a pulminaria? sp. those grow in hawaii wish i knew the smell. bet it is devine
29th November 2009

Otherwise known as white trunks. not to be confused with boxers or swim attire. sorry i didn't chat the other night, as i was busy playing hostess. but know that you were talking with several... I guess i did make a token appearance when you were talking with Jan Burns. We missed you. love, a
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13th November 2009

what a cool description, of what I am sure was a delightful, spiritual and more than memorabel experience. Wow, clare. I was almost there with you when reading it. Thank you for sharing your cave experience with me. I love the fact that you are delving into the culture in ways.... today, your wonderful mom came to the DTS and taught charlie's class to make books. she showed them the III book that her group did and one of the students asked which one she did. She showed the page with the pink lace, and blue jeans and spoke about writing about her children who are no longer living with her because they are grown. It made me pause and reflect on your life when you were young, and so innocent, filled with excitement to see how the Easter bunny put the eggs in the front of grandmas and grandpas house. And then, I smiled inside myself, knowing how much you are enjoying your experince in China. On Monday, we are going to make paper. ok... off to bed now. i see that you skyped me. i hope to hook up with you soon. much love your way. annie
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2nd November 2009

Cat tips
HI, Just in case, make sure give enough FRESH water to the cat, and changed it one time per day if possible. Better only feed the cat Cat's food. In case, play as much as possible with her, it's important. Enjoy! Xin
1st November 2009

fish and such
hi, clare. nice pictures and descriptions on your recent blog. Thanks for sharing, clare. i think the fish therapy would do me in. wow. interesting notion. pretty fall weather here. we finally got our home painted!!! it is now brown. the kids had fun at Halloween. weather was cold, but this year (actually, and last year) we did not have to go out with the kids which is nice. made gumbo, and home made chicken noodle soup for a few friends, and had them over. well, emma is babysitting up the street tonight. I am going to go to bed early, and read, as I am rather tired. perahps we shall see you on skype again soon. we love you, clare, and are so glad you are having fun. keep making safe choices in the things you do. we are so proud of you. take care love, aunt annie
16th October 2009

keep em coming
wow. so fun to see the pics. and read your description of your adventures on your mini vacation!!! I love the fact you are keeping this experience well documented, clare. Your description of the swim in the sea, took me back to my youth.... (YIKES, aren I still young?). ... Keep on skyping and writing! it wasa delight having you at grandmas birthday party! She was very joyful about the entire eve, I know. Because of family, she is, as are we all richly blessed. Be careful, know you are deeply loved by many, and have FUN and LAUGH MUCH. aunt annie
28th September 2009

I'm available most mornings...that's evenings for you. I could skype Thursday morning at about 8...That would be Wednesday evening at 7 in the states. I haven't heard from many people back home. So far, I've just been getting emails from Kelly, and I've skyped with my parents and my aunt Annie. It would be great to see you and hear about your 21st!!
22nd September 2009

nice abode!
pee and shower at the same time. wow. It was fun seeing your abode. it is probably good for you to experience how little we can live off of. I like your closet... seems so streamlined. no fancy bells or whistles. soooo you will be off to an island.... next week. sounds adventureous. but, what about your experience so far has been anything but? is tjis place where the locals go for vacation? tell me more. Keep the e mails coming. love your auntie
From Blog: Fall Break Plans
21st September 2009

Since when have you ever tired of testosterone? Last spring you were whining about the amount of estrogen at your house. There is no pleasing some people!

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