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August 21st 2018
Published: August 21st 2018
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So, there’s a lovely American saying that goes,

Third time’s a charm!

and that definitely applies to this blog. I have two unpublished articles, but I am bound and determined to make this one published.

Blake and I have been here approximately two weeks and have finally gotten settled into our apartment. Our first place together, with both names on it. It’s loft style, with a gorgeous night view of some buildings along the Pearl River. If you strain your neck, you can see the antenna of the Canton Tower. Our flooring is cherry wood, and we have wrought iron features. Our couch is a silver, and it came complete with some cooking supplies, an ikea pup, and a yoga ball.

As for the sites we have seen and the things we have tasted:

Day 1: Our eyelids

Day 2: Grandview Mall. It has an aquarium, about 10,000 restaurants, a 2 story playground, Video Reality bumper cars, a fitness center, movie theater and Lord only knows how many stores.

Day 3: first Chinese pedicure. %!U(MISSING)SD. No nail polish but it’s nice seeing my natural toes.

Day 4: Canton Tower at Night. Found out that the metro stops running at 23:30. Story Time:

It was almost midnight and we were stuck approximately 3 miles from the hotel. So we figured, we would hop in a taxi and it would take us back. Me, being all suave, walks up to a taxi driver, show him the hotel address, and he says 100¥. We hop in knowing the rates were high, but when we arrived at the Timmy Hotel, his rate conveniently doubled. Now we KNOW we were being taken advantage off with the first price. But this! THIS! Angered me. Blake calmed me down and said “Just pay it; let’s not start something, it’s China.” So I didn’t. And we paid 200¥ ($30USD) for a 20¥($3USD) ride.

Day 5: I took Blake to the grocery store called Taste. This place is the best to get a hot meal for a cheap price: Boneless duck breast, Veggies, and rice was 13.80¥ ($2.02USD)

Day 6: Wandering, Soft Shell Crab ramen,

Day 7: Sinus Infection. Days upon days of rest. But, super excited to walk in and buy antibiotics without seeing a doctor, having blood work, etc.

Days 8-12: Moving, Guangzhou Zoo, Xueliu Park, Temple of six Banyan Trees, IKEA, and food. Lots and lots of food.

Day 13: Tax information, signed up for Chinese lessons, and by then, we were Exhausted!

Attached are some photos from the past couple of weeks. I’ll try to delve into more detail once i figure out this travel blog thing!

Additional photos below
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