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August 22nd 2018
Published: August 22nd 2018
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Good evening! (Morning for my East Coasties)

Last night we hit burn out. We are averaging 15,000 steps via our fit bits; it’s mid to upper-80s with 100% humidity. My hair hasn’t seen conditioner in weeks....and my hair is finally curly! We were tired, hungry, sore, hot, sweaty, and we needed to walk about 4km to food. At this point, I still hadn’t found a supermarket with fresh meat (or smelled that way) and neither of us wanted any resemblance of rice, noodles, spicy, or bones. So, we found a Mexican restaurant WITH an actual website!

So, off to explore we did. And even with our tired, aching, blistered feet, we happened upon a paradise of sorts. Modiesha Park. Elephant eared plants, Pam trees, and a slight breeze near the River, we walked on a brick path towards the Pearl River. You could see the lights of Tianhe, night cruises dancing across the water. We strolled under the Tianhe Rd Bridge and came out right on the Pearl River and the Liede Bridge. With a night breeze, beautiful scenery and not a single person to bother us!!! It was almost magical! we then found our new place: Zapatas. It was also Latin night. We watched as people twirled and swayed to the salsa music. As a person who has never learned to dance, I was enthralled. It was then I found out my husband could salsa!! He never got up to dance, but he told me his high school sweetheart was a dancer and she taught him. I kind of want to do taco night at our place and see what he can show me!!

Fortunately, we were able to hail a taxi and have it bring us home.


Only great thing about today: Our apartment is looking more and more like home. I have figured out the washing machine, and the place is almost 100%.Clean. Thank God. Now to just settle in and get into our routine!


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