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July 14th 2011
Published: August 6th 2011
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So I woke up a few hours after I fell asleep to go to lecture. After lecture the field trip for the day was (or so I thought) just the toy factory. The toy factory was VERY interesting indeed. I had seen these kind of laborers on tv documentaries but never in real life. The working conditions and wages were beyond insufficient. Most of the workers were female and I won’t lie, the air was a little bit hard to breathe in, I wasn’t having as difficult a time as others but still the air was definitely tainted by all the spray paint.
We had a Q&A session after the tour. I was surprised that they answered some of our questions because many of them dealt with workers rights. I figured that they would be hesitant to answer most of our questions but not really—they sounded relatively truthful to me.
Anyways after the toy factory we headed to the Guangdong council room inside the government building.
I fell asleep---which is really bad, because my major is Political Science, but I was just so tired from the night before and it was difficult waiting for the translation of what he said that I just crashed!
After we left we went to another lecture that I didn’t know about…everyone surprisingly stayed awake because there was food put in front of them. (the only lecture I can think of that both Lucifer and Coco stayed awake for haha)
Several hours later we were on a ferry boat (yes I am skipping a lot of things in between like the acid rain, the umbrella sharing, the dangerous street crossing, squat toilets, and Mickey D’s that we ate but who cares ;-) it’ll take too long to explain and I don’t have much time right now)
The boat cruise was A-MA-ZING!!!
So wickedly awesome! Most people in Guangzhou, such as the toy factory workers could only ever dream to be on a ferry as grand as what we were on! It began to rain a little bit but it was still good to take pictures! I think it is here that all of us realized how much we really liked each other. We had so much fun together enjoying Guangzhou. I knew I’d miss that once we left.

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