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July 15th 2011
Published: August 6th 2011
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Well today we had our farewell dinner. I don’t want to dwell too much on the lectures since we only had a few more days left together. So we went to our farewell dinner and it was a little bit sad to receive our certificates of completion because for me, it further pointed out what limited time I had in china.
Apparently it was unanimously decided that all of us were going to hit the club True Colors again. So literally like 30 of us grabbed like 10 taxi cabs and headed for the same place.
ALL I CAN SAY IS: GREATEST NIGHT EVER! It was funny, fun, romantic (for some), sad for others…
When I returned back with layla at around midnight or so, I made sure she told the taxi guy NOT to drop us off at west side and to take us to east campus. (no repeat of 2 nights ago)
When I got back I didn’t go to sleep right away. Not because I wasn’t tired but because I really wanted to stay up as everyone came back to enjoy what limited time we had together.
I went to one f the guy’s rooms…I think it was Wilson and Lucifer’s and played Mahjong and big two with Mohawk Ryan, Annis, Valetta, Wilson, Tommy, and Lucifer until about 3 in the morning.
We talked a lot about final thoughts on each other and of china and the trips and time we spent together. The conversations were a little bit melancholy but every once in a while I said some stupid things that they found humorous…I swear I wasn’t drunk but I did reek of cigarettes and alcohol thanks to the club so many that’s why I was acting more stupid than usual.
I also remember contemplating whether to go on the field trip tomorrow or not because I didn’t think I’d be awake for any of it…

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