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June 19th 2013
Published: June 19th 2013
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Last year I spent a week in the Gobi Desert of Inner Mongolia, China, and I met quite a few Chinese tourists who showed me pictures of a place in Gansu Province where mountains were a palette of warm colors. This place was Danxia, 45 km from Zhangye and I knew it would be on my bike route for 2013.

So here is Dan Xia Geopark. It is a unique place and I spent the whole day with my mouth wide open, dazzled by this unique scenery of red sandstone. The colors of the mountains look fake, as if a child had used gigantic color pencils on them. Erosion and wind have shaped marvelous looking cliffs with different shades of red, yellow and brown strips of sedimentary rock. Pictures are worth a thousand words so I’ll just let you watch for yourself. This is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. And keep in mind it was pretty cloudy when I went. Imagine what it could look like with a nice blue sky and sunshine above… Enjoy the pictures!

I stayed with local farmers 200 meters from the main gate. They provide rooms for 40rmb. If
I thought I would only spend a couple of hours thereI thought I would only spend a couple of hours thereI thought I would only spend a couple of hours there

but I ended up spending the whole day walking around. If it had been allowed, I would have camped.
you get to Zhangye, try to spend a night there. First of all, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset on the beautiful red cliffs. And the local farmers will take good care of you and cook food that comes from their own gardens. The people I stayed with told me they had been hired to pave the little roads (with small little red bricks) inside the Geological Park for 70rmb a day…

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I wonder why Gansu Province is not more popular with tourists. Too far away?
As the bus didn't come fast enough I decided to walk. As the bus didn't come fast enough I decided to walk.
As the bus didn't come fast enough I decided to walk.

I was on the road for an hour and it was fun!

19th June 2013
At Dan Xia Geopark, near Zhangye

Great photo.
Enjoying your blogs.
19th June 2013
dazzling unbelievable colors

Oh mon Dieu!!!!C'est juste grandiose, le contraste de couleurs est étourdissant de beauté...
19th June 2013
This place was not listed in my Lonely Planet

Why not!!!!
19th June 2013
I couldn't believe my eyes

Me either!!!
19th June 2013
does anyone know any place like this anywhere else in the world?

Je crois que ce lieu est unique...
19th June 2013
no cars here. Only a few buses take tourists around

Tu peux le dire "tu es le Roi du Monde" de cette falaise
19th June 2013
I met this Mongolian Chinese

Elle est chouette cette photo....
19th June 2013

Nice shoes!!!And nice view!!!
19th June 2013
c'est beau, non?

19th June 2013
je reviendrai!

Et moi j'irai voir ces splendeurs de la nature....Merci de nous faire découvrir ces paysages somptueux!!!!
19th June 2013
Apparently this place was unknown 4 years ago

19th June 2013
Are we still on Earth?

Maybe not!!!On the moon!!!Why not!!!
19th June 2013

J'aurais dit la lune...Mais tu as raison Mars est une réponse plus judicieuse...
19th June 2013
Good life!

Je dirai même plus: VERY good life!!!!
19th June 2013
going up

I am a huge fan of this view....
19th June 2013
in Gansu

This one too....
19th June 2013
I met Mumu there

She is brave to travel by herself, I am very impressed because I know me I couldn't do that alone....
19th June 2013
I loved it!

Ca se voit à ton grand sourire!!!!
19th June 2013
dinner at night

ca semble très bon...Bon appétit!!!Bisous. Nina
19th June 2013
je reviendrai!

pas tout seul...............
ta maman te suivra...............c'est vraiment magique !
20th June 2013

Absolutely amazing...
and I thought we had amazing geology here in the Western US...but nothing like this.
21st June 2013
going up at Dan Xia

Having been to 16 provences in China...Gansu is one of my favourites...but you have shown an unknown gem to me that gives me another reason to return to this provence...wow, wow, wow. There are amazing Danxia formations at Liming in Yunnan that are also not in the guidebooks. Why I love China...so much to discover if you venture forth.

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