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October 21st 2010
Published: October 25th 2010
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This was really our first taste of how expensive tourism in China is. This was an activity that wasn't included in the 'kitty' portion of our Dragoman trip. Previous excursions had always been included in the 'kitty' and so the cost was always somewhat hidden from us. Not this time. To just get to visit the mountain, it cost us each 120 yuan (approx. $18), then if we wanted to take the van up and down from the top (which we did), was another 40 yuan each. Although had we been a little bit more on the ball back at home, we should've got our student ID cards from SAIT since we were techinically students at the time, this would have given us a 50% discount.

Sadly though once we got to the top it was pretty misty, which made taking photos a bit of a challenge. We've included a few of the better ones to give an idea of what we saw.

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21st March 2011

Wow, this is absolutely breathtaking, I think the photos posted with the fog, make it seem even more spectacular. When I think of Asia, this is what I think of! (Sorry I'm posting this now, but I was really quite behinf in my reading:( Also I wanted to let you know we recieved your post card about a month and a half ago, thank you!) Take care guys!

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