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May 1st 2013
Published: February 14th 2015
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I flew early morning from Baotou to Beijing Nanyuan from where I had planned to take a taxi to the nearest subway station. That seemed to be closed due to construction so I stayed in the taxi instead and took it just south of Tiananmen square where I knew there was a 7 days inn. This particular one was very overpriced, but as I wanted to make the most of my time, I checked in for the night.

I took the subway to Dongzhimen station and another bus from there to take me to the 798 arts district. It was sunny out, so I had a nice stroll around the old factory and even had a beer on an outside terrace.. Oh how the simple things can be missed so much when you don't have them...

I met up with a friend after and had dinner in Sanlitun district having pizza in a nice little Italian place. The next day I got up early and walked over to the forbidden city. A thick smog hung over Beijing that morning, makIng it almost impossible the see the other side of Tiananmen square! I paid my fees and followed the 100's of people into the forbidden city. I found myself observing 'foreigners' at first, living in Baotou I see few of my own kind.... Soon however I too was taking pictures of the immensity that is the forbidden city. I did find it a bit monotonous after a while though, especially all the side buildings so skipped them. I just enjoyed strolling around the massive compound, and took the challenge upon myself to find a few less busy and even slightly quiet spots from where I could oversee the throngs of people all moving as a flock of birds.

A short weekend trip to Beijing. Ticked some must-sees off my list, will have to come back one day for the Great Wall!

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